financial statements screencast


financial statements screencast

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  1. Statement of comprehensive income

    Slide 2 - Statement of comprehensive income

    • Profit & Loss
    • The costs incurred & the revenue generated
    • Question: Does the business generate enough profit to cover its expenses???
  2. Statement of changes in equity

    Slide 4 - Statement of changes in equity

    • Owners and investors want to see a return equal to or greater than the money they injected into the business at the beginning of the period.
    • Pinpoint key factors
    • More concise break up
  3. Statement of financial position

    Slide 5 - Statement of financial position

    • What is the accounting equation and why does it need to ‘balance?’
    • Trends, pin point problem areas
  4. Links between statements

    Slide 7 - Links between statements