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  1. Office Mix Accelerator

    Slide 1 - Office Mix Accelerator

    • Details & Nomination Process
  2. Product Description

    Slide 2 - Product Description

    • Office Mix is a new, free solution for PowerPoint 2013 that makes it easy to create and share online interactive presentations, or “mixes”. Mixes play like web videos, but with support for animations, live links, and more. You create them in PowerPoint, but watch them online at OfficeMix.com.
    • Office Mix lets you record yourself giving your lecture while you write and draw on you slides. You can insert quizzes, curated videos, labs, or secure web content, add screen capture, and export the entire lecture to video. You can embed the lectures in web pages, or share the links with your students, who can watch them online or on any device.
  3. Office Mix Accelerator Requirements

    Slide 3 - Office Mix Accelerator Requirements

    • Requirement
    • Activity Commitment
    • Time Commitment
    • 1 IT admin per school
    • Deploy Office Mix via SCCM to educator PCs, OR
    • Install the Office mix .msi via hand-install or batch process
    • Submit bugs and feedback to Microsoft
    • Be available for calls and emails with Microsoft
    • Modify deployment environment & re-test as needed
    • 2-5 hours/wk
    • Per person
    • 5 master teachers per school
    • Convert existing lessons into online lessons using Office Mix
    • Augment existing lessons with audio, video, handwriting, quizzes, and other Office Mix features as appropriate
    • Assign the lessons and assessments to students
    • Submit bugs and feedback to Microsoft
    • Be available for calls and emails with Microsoft
    • Modify classroom workflow & re-test as needed
    • 10 hours/wk
    • Per person
    • The Office Mix Accelerator is in pilot mode and open to a limited number of districts.
    • Each district should recommend 1-2 schools for participation in the program.
    • Schools participating in the Office Mix Accelerator should have a basic level of Office 365 technical readiness, with PowerPoint 2013 deployed and active on the majority of PCs. They will need at least 1 IT admin per who is familiar with mass deployment of .msi install files via batch script or System Center Configuration Manager, and 5 or more master teachers per school who are very familiar with PowerPoint, enthusiastic about technology, and optimistic about the potential for flipped or blended learning.
    • Every participating teacher will need access to a PC running Windows 7 or higher, PowerPoint 2013, and equipped with a webcam and microphone. Ideally, each PC should also have a touchscreen with pen/stylus support.
  4. Microsoft will provide:

    Slide 4 - Microsoft will provide:

    • 1 brownbag session per school on Office Mix via webcast or site visit
    • Tech support concierge within the Office Mix team
    • Office Mix install .msi
    • Documentation on how to deploy Office Mix via SCCM or batch file
    • Office Mix lesson exemplars
    • Office Mix Accelerator tech support forum
    • District weekly check-in call
    • Opportunities to participate in marketing and PR
  5. Nomination Process

    Slide 5 - Nomination Process

    • Fill in the spreadsheet here:
    • Email Tim Richardson and Aravind Bala about your submission
    • Respond to follow-up questions from the Office Mix team
    • Manage your account through the accelerator onboarding process