Testing Thoroughly

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Testing Thoroughly

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  1. Testing Thoroughlywith Black Box Testing

    Slide 1 - Testing Thoroughlywith Black Box Testing

    • Emerson Murphy-Hill
    • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
    • Material Produced by NCSU Software Engineering Faculty.
  2. Equivalence Class Partitioning

    Slide 2 - Equivalence Class Partitioning

    • Divide your input conditions into groups (classes).
    • Input in the same class should behave similarly in the program.
    • Be sure to test a mid-range value from each class.
    • Example: for tests of “Go to Jail” the most important thing is whether the player has enough money to pay the $50 fine
    • Test input values clearly in the two partitions: 25 and 75.
  3. Boundary Value Analysis

    Slide 3 - Boundary Value Analysis

    • Focus on boundaries . . . because a greater number of faults tend to occur at the boundaries of the input domain
    • Range input, a to b, test with a, b, a-1, a+1, b-1, b+1 if integer range; otherwise, slightly less than a and slightly more than b.
    • If you can only have a certain quantity (q) of something, try to create q-1, q, q+1
  4. Decision Table Testing

    Slide 4 - Decision Table Testing

  5. RealEstate Decision Table

    Slide 5 - RealEstate Decision Table

    • If a Player (A) lands on property owned by another player (B), A must pay rent to B. If A does not have enough money to pay B, A is out of the game.
  6. Dirty/Failure Test Cases

    Slide 6 - Dirty/Failure Test Cases

    • Can something cause division by zero?
    • What if the input type is wrong (You’re expecting an integer, they input a float. You’re expecting a character, you get an integer.)?
    • What if the customer takes an illogical path through your functionality?
    • What if mandatory fields are not entered?
    • What if the program is aborted abruptly or input or output devices are unplugged?
    • Think diabolically!