Gordie Ellison Bio


Gordie Ellison Bio

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  1. Gordie Ellison

    Slide 1 - Gordie Ellison

    • Biography
  2. Personal Background

    Slide 2 - Personal Background

    • Gordie Ellison
    • Currently reside in Lone Tree, Colorado – a southern suburb of Denver
    • Married for 33 years, 4 children, one grandchild
    • Served in the US Army and have lived in several places, including Germany, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, and Colorado
    • Favorite hobbies – tech gadgets, photography, hiking, camping
    • Bronco’s Fan!!
  3. Professional Background

    Slide 3 - Professional Background

    • Started my career in the US Army as a radio repair, LF, VLF, UHF, and satellite
    • Moved into the early phases of the internet
    • Each of my positions furthered my knowledge of IT, particularly infrastructure
    • Accidently became a project manager
    • Have been an IT project manager, and IT governance manager, and trainer
    • Began teaching Intro to Project Management for the University of Denver in 2005 as an Adjunct Professor
    • Currently IT Project Manager at an IT company here in Denver
    • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/gordie-ellison/0/a53/8b9/
  4. Pursuing doctoral degree

    Slide 4 - Pursuing doctoral degree

    • I enjoy continual learning and furthering my knowledge and the knowledge of my field
    • As an Adjunct professor at the University of Denver, I would love to retire from my current vocation and teach full-time
  5. Doctoral program

    Slide 5 - Doctoral program

    • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Information Systems and Technology (DM/IST)
    • Why
    • This degree is aligned with my current career field
    • With my doctorate, I will be able to move higher in the field, pursuing leadership positions
    • I will be eligible to teach at all levels, full-time within university systems
  6. Why Here?

    Slide 6 - Why Here?

    • Began my doctoral journey with Phoenix, but had to drop out
    • I tried some other universities - Walden, Capella, Northcentral
    • Phoenix has the best format for my learning
  7. What do I hope to accomplish?

    Slide 7 - What do I hope to accomplish?

    • Complete my degree
    • Learn more about my field
    • Develop my dissertation to add to the knowledge in my field
    • Translate my success into teaching
  8. Questions about the Program

    Slide 8 - Questions about the Program

    • I have been working toward a Doctorate for a while
    • I have no questions at this time