My Personal Learning Style

Vark learning styles


My Personal Learning Style

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Vark learning styles
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  1. My Personal Learning Style

    Slide 1 - My Personal Learning Style

    • By Shaun Simmons
  2. My Learning Style

    Slide 2 - My Learning Style

    • My learning style is a multimodal style, which means that I can learning by using all four of my senses.
  3. Visual

    Slide 3 - Visual

    • They learn by visual aids that better help them understand what is happening.
    • Maps
    • Charts
    • Graphs
    • And many more.
  4. Kinesthetic

    Slide 4 - Kinesthetic

    • Kinesthetic person like to be on hands on project because it is something that they can actually do.
    • Can be grasped
    • Can be held
    • Can be tasted if need be
    • And also can be felt
  5. Aural or auditory

    Slide 5 - Aural or auditory

    • Aural or auditory is a person can be taught by just hearing. Auditory people learn best that involves project dealing speaking.
  6. Types of Learners

    Slide 6 - Types of Learners

    • In the graph shown, it is showing us what types of learning style people are in the world. As shown there are people who are one, bimodal, trimodal, and are vark (which is all four).
  7. Works Cited

    Slide 8 - Works Cited