The Greenhouse Effect

A Short presentation covering the content required for OCR A AS Chemistry, about the Greenhouse effect.

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The Greenhouse Effect

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A Short presentation covering the content required for OCR A AS Chemistry, about the Greenhouse effect.
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  1. The Greenhouse Effect

    Slide 1 - The Greenhouse Effect

  2. The Definition

    Slide 2 - The Definition

    • ‘The process in which the absorption and subsequent emission of infrared radiation by atmospheric gases warms the lower atmosphere and the planet’s surface.’
    • Really, like a greenhouse heats tomatoes and plants – it absorbs most of the heat given out by the sun!
  3. What this means: in a diagram

    Slide 3 - What this means: in a diagram

  4. Why does this happen?

    Slide 4 - Why does this happen?

    • The reason that the earth’s surface and lower atmosphere is heated by this process is because of greenhouse gases.
    • These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, fluoride gases and nitrous oxide.
    • Greenhouse gases absorb the radiation from the sun; and the more greenhouse gases there are on earth, the more radiation they absorb, therefore causing a heating effect on earth.
  5. The ENHANCED Greenhouse Effect

    Slide 5 - The ENHANCED Greenhouse Effect

    • The enhanced Greenhouse Effect is a process where the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increased by humans.
    • This means that humans increase the temperature of the earth’s surface by releasing greenhouse gases.
    • Carbon dioxide is the main gas involved in this – when humans burn fossil fuels in things like cars, factories and aeroplanes. Methane is also an issue because of the masses of cattle farms we have developed – they release lots of methane!
    • In short, humans have caused more greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere, hence enhancing the greenhouse effect, and warming the planet up at a greater rate than naturally occurring.
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  7. How does this effect us?

    Slide 7 - How does this effect us?

    • As a result of this, the earth may experience a change in climate with more heavy rain and more frequent and violent storms.
    • This is also often linked to the melting of the ice caps which is causing rising sea levels and more flooding; although this is a controversial topic with scientists globally.
  8. Any questions?

    Slide 8 - Any questions?

  9. In Summary

    Slide 9 - In Summary