Separation Challenge PowerPoint

Year 7 Science


Separation Challenge PowerPoint

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Year 7 Science
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  1. Year 7 science

    Slide 1 - Year 7 science

    • Mitchell Layton
  2. Aim

    Slide 2 - Aim

    • Our aim was to separate 5 substances from each other using different materials.
  3. Method

    Slide 3 - Method

    • Shake the mixture until foam rises.
    • Extract the iron filings with magnet.
    • Add some water.
    • Scoop the sand out.
    • Use the filter paper to get salt and sand.
    • Extract the salt with evaporation.
    • Extract the sand with density.
  4. Materials

    Slide 4 - Materials

    • Iron Filings, Rice, Sand, Salt, Foam
  5. risks

    Slide 5 - risks

    • Beaker : Glassware, Be Careful
    • Stirring Rod : Glassware, Be Careful
    • Bunsen Burner : Flame, Stay Away
  6. quiz

    Slide 6 - quiz

  7. Discussion

    Slide 7 - Discussion

    • Overall, the experiment was a success and was completed. Our task was to separate different substances from each other. We scooped out the foam then removed the iron filings with the magnet. We followed the steps through, finishing with evaporating the water from the salt using the Bunsen burner. All the substances were then separated from one another. The habits of mind we used were: Persisting, Finding Humour and Using Past Knowledge.
  8. conclusion

    Slide 8 - conclusion

    • In the end we were able to successfully separate the 5 substances in this experiment. There were a few little problems here and there and we also found that most of the separation techniques worked and that the experiment was completed.