Private Property


Private Property

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  1. Private Property

    Slide 1 - Private Property

    • By: Marissa Cantu and Sam Risso
  2. Private Property

    Slide 2 - Private Property

    • The items and property that you own
  3. Private property

    Slide 3 - Private property

    • You control what happens to it
    • You can change it
    • Its yours
  4. Private Property and the Government

    Slide 5 - Private Property and the Government

    • Private property and public property are different in which private property isn’t affected by the government
  5. Scenario

    Slide 6 - Scenario

    • Lets say the economy is going down the toilet, the housing market will become significantly cheaper
    • If housing becomes more and more affordable, the house you own will be worth a whole lot less than what you bought it for
    • So is buying a house worth it?
    • There's no right or wrong answer to this, because buying a home offers financial and emotional benefits. On one hand, you have a place you can do anything you want with, some tax breaks, and, once the mortgage is paid off, an asset you own and can pass down to anyone you want. On the other, you have more tax bills, maintenance and repair headaches, and the inability to just get up and leave or easily sell your home