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es una prueba


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es una prueba
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  1. Create interactive online presentations

    Slide 2 - Create interactive online presentations

    • Get the free PowerPoint add-in, and then …
    • Record, write, and draw on your slides, just like a whiteboard
    • Add quizzes, video, and interactive content
    • Share in the cloud and play on any device
    • Get the add-in:
    • (Copy the link and paste into your browser. Or, when in a slide show, click the link.)
    • Read on to learn more …
  2. Mix Tools

    Slide 3 - Mix Tools

    • After you install Office Mix…
    • Open PowerPoint and watch a presentation that shows you how to mix
    • The tools are just a tap away on the Mix tab of the PowerPoint ribbon
  3. See Mixin Action!

    Slide 4 - See Mixin Action!

  4. Learn more at

    Slide 6 - Learn more at