Tip of the Week #4

Filtering Shepard's by Headnotes

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Tip of the Week #4

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Filtering Shepard's by Headnotes
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  1. Filtering Shepard’s by Headnotes

    Slide 1 - Filtering Shepard’s by Headnotes

    • Tanishka V. Cruz, ESQ
  2. What are Headnotes?

    Slide 2 - What are Headnotes?

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  3. Shepardize your Case

    Slide 3 - Shepardize your Case

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  4. Narrow your report by Headnotes

    Slide 4 - Narrow your report by Headnotes

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  5. Conclusion

    Slide 5 - Conclusion

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    • Shepard’s is the industry’s leading citation validation tool but is also a powerful way of expanding your research.
    • Narrowing by Headnotes will help you retrieve a list of cases that discuss the rules you are looking to apply quickly and efficiently.
    • To earn 100 points for watching this video, please email me at tanishka.cruz@lexisnexis.com with the answer to the following question:
    • Shepardize: Miranda v. Arizona, 384 US 436
    • Narrow by: Headnote 16
    • How many cases does that narrow your Shepard’s report down to?