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Office Mix PD

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  1. Office Mix

    Slide 1 - Office Mix

    • 20 April 2015
  2. Our lesson intentions

    Slide 2 - Our lesson intentions

    • 1
    • To adapt or create interactive, multimedia slides in PowerPoint
    • 2
    • To embed quizzes to
    • assess students’ achievement of learning intentions
    • 3
    • To upload a Mix and share it with others
    • 4
    • To use the analytics to assess students’ progress
  3. The Office Mix add-in

    Slide 3 - The Office Mix add-in

  4. Overview

    Slide 4 - Overview

    • What is Office Mix?
  5. The tools to create Mixes

    Slide 5 - The tools to create Mixes

  6. What does a Mix look like?

    Slide 6 - What does a Mix look like?

    • Here’s a Mix I created earlier
  7. Inserting Apps in the Quiz

    Slide 7 - Inserting Apps in the Quiz

  8. Tools to manage your Mixes

    Slide 8 - Tools to manage your Mixes

  9. Creating an Office Mix

    Slide 9 - Creating an Office Mix

    • Now its your turn
  10. Let’s get started

    Slide 10 - Let’s get started

    • Open a PP you have previously created. All of PP’s functionality is still available.
    • 1. Add in the learning intentions (if you haven’t already)
    • 2. Utilise other that can provide greater interactivity or alternative learning opportunities for students;
    • Inking tools, screen casts, embedded pages or links, audio files, videos and apps can be used to engage students in active learning tasks, provide for differentiation or cater for different learning styles
    • Closed captioning can enable students to use videos in noisy or tranquil environments, or highlight important teaching points
    • 3. Use quizzes to evaluate the learning intentions
    • Evaluate where to place these so that students have had opportunities to engage in the learning intentions before being quizzed
  11. Uploading and sharing your Mix

    Slide 11 - Uploading and sharing your Mix

  12. Check your analytics

    Slide 12 - Check your analytics