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Augmented Reality PowerPoint

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  1. What is augmented reality

    Slide 1 - What is augmented reality

    • By Hudson Klintworth
  2. What is augmented reality?

    Slide 2 - What is augmented reality?

    • You can get many different card which do different things.
    • Do many things to change your characters looks and size.
    • Each card has its own special little ability.
    • By using different cards with different instructions you can make different things appear in the screen.
    • By using Augmented reality you can create your own games.
  3. Penguin Navi

    Slide 3 - Penguin Navi

    • Penguin NAVI allows tourists to find their way from anywhere in Tokyo to the aquarium, but instead of a line on a map they're chauffeured around town by a group of computer generated penguins generated using motion capture data from their real-life counterparts.
  4. Toy wheel AR RC car

    Slide 4 - Toy wheel AR RC car

    • Toy Car RC, is a small car the has been digitally placed into a little app! You can control it from most devices and drive it everywhere you want!
  5. ARBasketball

    Slide 5 - ARBasketball

    • ArBasketball turns your reality into a mini basketball court. All you need to play basketball is a piece of paper and your iPhone. This game’s augmented reality feature takes care of the rest.
  6. ARSoccer

    Slide 6 - ARSoccer

    • Ar Soccer allows the holder of the phone or tablet to see a virtual soccer ball on the ground and just with a few tricks form augmented reality has made it easy to kick the ball which is inside your phone.
  7. Ar Invaders

    Slide 7 - Ar Invaders

    • AR Invaders is a virtual game which lets you shoot virtual alien invaders on your devices screen, you just simply point your phone or tablet up at the sky then press start and invaders appear and your screen and you can
  8. Augmented realty fixed bugs

    Slide 8 - Augmented realty fixed bugs

  9. Augmented reality quiz

    Slide 9 - Augmented reality quiz

    • 1. What is augmented reality used for?
    • Answers:
    • 1. To make and play cool games!
    • 2. To place digital things into your own world through our device!
    • 3. To give you a hair cut!
  10. Augmented reality quiz 2

    Slide 10 - Augmented reality quiz 2

    • Question 2:
    • Is there a QR code called a Poker?
    • Answers:
    • - True
    • - False
  11. Correct!

    Slide 11 - Correct!

    • Good job you are correct!
    • To Question 2!
  12. Incorrect!

    Slide 12 - Incorrect!

    • Sorry you got the wrong answer!
    • Back to question 1 
  13. Correct!

    Slide 13 - Correct!

    • Good job you are correct!
    • Final page
  14. Incorrect!

    Slide 14 - Incorrect!

    • Sorry you got the wrong answer!
    • Back to question 2 
  15. Thank you for watching

    Slide 15 - Thank you for watching