Baseball hitting fundamentals


Baseball hitting fundamentals

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  1.    Baseball hitting             fundamentals

    Slide 1 - Baseball hitting fundamentals

    • By Jordan Powell
  2. Starting off

    Slide 2 - Starting off

  3. Getting warmed up

    Slide 3 - Getting warmed up

    • Keep your shoulders loose, Do not tense up! Always have the bat closer to you and have elbows up.
  4. Step 1

    Slide 4 - Step 1

    • You always want to stay focused and don’t let any noise bother you, like people talking trash or just and physical listening barrier you will need to overcome its not easy. Just stay relaxed and be ready to hit the ball. You will strike out at times but that is no big deal everybody strikes out just don’t strike out not swinging.
  5. Step 2

    Slide 5 - Step 2

    • The second part of hitting a baseball is having good hand eye coordination. When the pitch is thrown to you, you need t be able to know when to swing. Its important to keep your eye on the ball the entire time and swing when it is the right time. You should be able to swing and hit like the video of albert pujols in batting practice.
  6. Step 3

    Slide 6 - Step 3

    • Always have a good stance in the batters box, but be sure to stand how you are comfortable but try not to get in the habit of having a bad stance when in the batters box.