Schooled-Persuasive Writing-Lesson 7-How to give a great speech


Schooled-Persuasive Writing-Lesson 7-How to give a great speech

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  1. Did you know?

    Slide 1 - Did you know?

    • Public speaking-talking in front of a group of people.
  2. How to Give a GREAT Speech!

    Slide 2 - How to Give a GREAT Speech!

    • Public speaking doesn’t have to be terrifying. Here’s how to capture and keep the crowd’s attention. 
  3. Lesson Objectives

    Slide 3 - Lesson Objectives

    • Essential Question(s):How do you deliver a great speech?
    • By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:
    • Understand Oral Presentation Requirements
    • Know tips and tricks on delivering a speech
    • Confidently present your speech
    • State Standards:
    • CC.1.5.8.G: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard
    • English when speaking.
    • Student Terms: Speak to a group of people using correct English.
  4. Vocabulary

    Slide 4 - Vocabulary

    • Public Speaking
    • Audience
    • Universal
    • Camaraderie
    • Passion
    • Let’s review our vocab terms, class!
  5. Quick Review

    Slide 5 - Quick Review

    • Before you can give a speech, you must have it written in final draft format.
  6. Audience

    Slide 6 - Audience

    • Remember who your audience is: Who are you talking to? Keep their wants and needs in mind as you speak to them.
    • Sometimes a familiar phrase, image, song or creative cultural element—something universal to your audience—can make your point quickly and convey camaraderie more effectively than your own words.
    • Universal-something common among a group of people
    • Camaraderie- a feeling of good friendship among the people in
    • a group
  7. Slide 7

    • Quick Review
    • Who is your audience?
    • Classmates
    • How can you connect to your classmates?
    • Make them feel important
    • Address their wants and needs
    • Use a common phrase, song, etc. to create a sense of
    • camaraderie . You’re a team!
  8. Practice

    Slide 8 - Practice

    • Giving a speech is intimidating, but YOU’VE GOT THIS! Just practice, practice, practice! Your message is important, so say it out loud until you can do so with certainty and confidence.
    • Practice in front of the mirror. We may not see your face when you speak, but the way you speak gives clues as to what facial expressions you are making.
    • Practice with a group of friends, teacher, parent, sibling, etc.
  9. Passionate

    Slide 9 - Passionate

    • Passionate-strong feelings and beliefs
    • The best speeches are authentic and come straight from the heart!
    • JUST BE YOU!