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Love Is

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  1.                                Love Is:

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  2. Love Is:

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    • like a roller which when it goes up it can enlighten you to do amazing things and make you feel like your on top of the world.
  3. Love is:

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    • Like a roller coaster when it comes crashing down and leaves you just inches away from being at rock bottom.
  4. Love is:

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    • As fluffy as a cloud and the reason people live.
  5. Love Is:

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    • Meaningful and can eat away at the insides of a person until they have no reason to keep living and just stop.
  6. Love Is

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    • as soft as a pillow and as warm as a fire.
    • Love Is
  7. Love is

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    • as cold as Antarctica and as hard as water when a person jumps into it from a 175 foot bridge.