Separation Challenge


Separation Challenge

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  1. Pure or Not Separation Challenge

    Slide 1 - Pure or Not Separation Challenge

    • By Harvey Graham
  2. Aim

    Slide 2 - Aim

    • Our aim was to separate 5 different substances.
    • They were:
    • Sand
    • Foam
    • Iron Fillings
    • Salt
    • Rice
  3. Materials

    Slide 3 - Materials

    • Iron fillings, Sand, Bunsen Burner, 5 250 mL Beakers, 2 500 mL Beakers, Water, Salt, Watch Glass, Gauze Mat, Sieve, Tripod, Styrofoam, Clamp, Filter Paper, Funnel, Retort Stand, Rice, Magnet
    • Tripod
    • Retort Stand
    • Gauze Mat
    • Clamp
  4. Method

    Slide 4 - Method

    • Put a beaker under your sieve and put the mixture through the sieve and remove whatever is left over (to remove the foam). Put it through another sieve but smaller than the last (to remove the rice) and then do it again with the smallest one and use your magnet (to remove the iron fillings)
    • Put the mixture on the watch glass and run the magnet over it (to remove the iron fillings).
    • Next put the mixture that is left in the watch glass into another beaker with some water and stir (to dissolve the salt).
    • Set up the filtering apparatus and fold your filter paper to put in the filter funnel.
    • Put a beaker under than funnel and the put the mixture through the funnel (to remove any excess sand).
  5. Method

    Slide 5 - Method

    • Set up the boiling apparatus.
    • Put some water in one of the big beakers and then put it on the apparatus.
    • Put some of the mixture on the watch glass and then put it on the beaker.
    • Light the Bunsen burner.
    • Then wait for the water to turn into salt crystals and then you are done (to remove the salt from the water)
  6. Results

    Slide 6 - Results

  7. Risk Assessment

    Slide 7 - Risk Assessment

  8. Discussion

    Slide 8 - Discussion

    • In this experiment we had to separate 5 different substances and they were foam, rice, sand, iron fillings and salt. First we decided to separate the foam first by putting the mixture through the largest sieve. Next we decided to put the rest of the mixture through the middle size one and the rice came out of the mixture. Then we thought that if we put the mixture through the smallest sieve that the sand would come out but it didn’t. So we used the magnet and separated the iron fillings from the mixture. Then we put the mixture in a beaker with some water and stirred it. Then we put it through the filter paper and the sand ended up being the residue and the salty water was the filtrate. Then we set up the boiling apparatus and we started to boil the salty water. After about 15 minutes all that was left was the salt crystals. The 3 habits of mind that we used were; Using Past Knowledge for New Situations, by setting up the filtering apparatus and the boiling apparatus, Persisting, by when the steps didn’t work we kept trying new things until it worked and we were Taking Responsible Risks by trying new things that may not have worked.
    • Prediction:
    • Foam
    • Rice
    • Iron Fillings
    • Sand
    • Salt
  9. Variables and Conclusion

    Slide 9 - Variables and Conclusion

    • The variables in this experiment included the 5 experimental variables that were the 5 different substances and the controlled variables that were the things we were doing to separate the different substances.
    • I thought that we achieved our aim really well which was to separate the 5 different substances by working together and following the steps. There was a couple of mishaps but once we edited the steps it worked out in the end. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  10. Pictures of the Experiment

    Slide 10 - Pictures of the Experiment

  11. Quiz Question 1

    Slide 11 - Quiz Question 1

    • What was our Aim?
    • To separate 5 different substances
    • To blow up the science lab
  12. Correct

    Slide 12 - Correct

  13. Incorrect

    Slide 13 - Incorrect

  14. Quiz Question 2

    Slide 14 - Quiz Question 2

    • What did we separate first?
    • Sand
    • Salt
  15. Correct

    Slide 15 - Correct

  16. Incorrect

    Slide 16 - Incorrect

  17. Quiz Question 3

    Slide 17 - Quiz Question 3

    • Did we separate all of our mixtures successfully?
    • Yes
    • No
  18. Correct

    Slide 18 - Correct

  19. Incorrect

    Slide 19 - Incorrect

  20. Thank You

    Slide 20 - Thank You