iPad Basic

Basic Tutorial on using an iPad


iPad Basic

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Basic Tutorial on using an iPad
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  1. iPad Basic

    Slide 1 - iPad Basic

    • Introduction to using an iPad
  2. Buttons

    Slide 2 - Buttons

  3. Turning On/Off and Sleep

    Slide 3 - Turning On/Off and Sleep

    • ON: press and hold top button for a few seconds until the white apple appears.
    • OFF: press and hold top button till a screen pops up prompting you to ‘slide to turn off”
    • The On/Off button will also put your iPad to sleep. Much like you, when your iPad goes to ‘sleep’ it is still running apps and keeping track of everything.
  4. Overview

    Slide 4 - Overview

    • Status Bar: Basic quick informational bar to let you know your connection (wi-fi/cellular), time, and battery life
    • App Icons: The applications on your ipad.
    • Home Button: Clicking this button will take you back to your home screen.
  5. Status Bar

    Slide 5 - Status Bar

    • The status bar runs across the top of your home screen. It quickly will tell you your type of connection (Wi-Fi or cellular), the time, and battery life.
    • When browsing websites instead of swiping over and over to get back to the top – a quick tap on the status bar will take you all the way to the top.
  6. Lock Screen and Home Screen

    Slide 6 - Lock Screen and Home Screen

    • Lock Screen is the screen that appears when you wake up your iPad.
    • Home Screen is the screen that has shows your apps.
  7. Moving Apps

    Slide 7 - Moving Apps

    • To move apps either into a different order or onto a new page.
    • Tap and hold the app you would like to move till it wiggles
    • While still touching the app, move your finger to the desired location of the app.
    • If you are wanting it on a new page – pull to the far side of the current page till a new page appears.
    • Let go.
    • When complete press the home button to stop the apps from wiggling.
  8. Making Folders

    Slide 8 - Making Folders

    • Press and hold an app till it wiggles.
    • Hold finger on app and slide finger, moving the app – slide till it is on top of another app you wish to put in a folder together.
    • Let go
    • Rename the app folder by tapping in the title box and rename.
    • Press home button or tape outside the folder area.
  9. Apps in the Dock

    Slide 9 - Apps in the Dock

    • The Apps in the Dock at the bottom of your home screen will stay there even if you swipe between app pages.
    • You can rearrange, add or remove apps from this dock just as you move any other apps around. (see “Moving Apps” slide)
    • Normal iPads can hold up to 6 apps in the dock.
  10. Deleting Apps

    Slide 10 - Deleting Apps

    • Press and hold till app wiggles
    • Tap the “x”
    • To stop the apps from wiggling press home button.
  11. Search iPad

    Slide 11 - Search iPad

    • To search your iPad quickly:
    • Press home button
    • Use one finger between apps – slide it down.
    • 3) Type what you are looking for into the search box.
  12. Adding a Passcode

    Slide 12 - Adding a Passcode

    • To add a passcode, or a password to unlock your iPad:
    • 1) Settings
    • 2) Passcode
    • 3) Turn Passcode On
    • 4) Choose a 4 digit Passcode
  13. Changing Wallpaper

    Slide 13 - Changing Wallpaper

    • “Wallpaper” is the term used to describe the image both on your lock screen and image behind your apps.
    • To change your wallpaper:
    • 1) Settings
    • 2) Wallpapers and Brightness
    • 3) Choose a New Wallpaper
    • 4) Decide if you want that wallpaper to be your lock screen, home screen or both. You can have different wallpapers on each screen.
  14. App Store

    Slide 14 - App Store

    • Categories to Browse By
    • Search by title or key words
    • Short cut to frequently used sections
  15. Downloading an App

    Slide 15 - Downloading an App

    • Tap on the app you are interested in.
    • Scroll down to read more about the app.
    • Tap “reviews” to read reviews.
    • Want it? – Tap “Get”
  16. Re-Downloading an App

    Slide 16 - Re-Downloading an App

    • Maybe an app got deleted by accident.
    • Open App Store
    • Tap “Purchased” at the very bottom.
    • Tap “Open” or on the cloud with an arrow to re-download.
  17. Switching Between Apps

    Slide 17 - Switching Between Apps

    • To quickly switch between apps:
    • Double click “home button”
    • Tap the app you need – don’t see it? Swipe till it appears.
  18. Closing Apps

    Slide 18 - Closing Apps

    • Once you open an App it will run in the background until you close it. If you have an app that is frozen or isn’t working properly, sometimes closing it and reopening will fix the problem.
    • 1) Double Click your home button
    • 2) Swipe up on the app you wish to close. Want to close multiple, use up to three fingers (one on each app) to swipe them all up at once.
  19. Multi-Touch – Zoom In/Out

    Slide 19 - Multi-Touch – Zoom In/Out

    • To Zoom In: Take two fingers in an already pinched position, place them where you would like to zoom in –slowly move your fingers apart.
    • To Zoom Out: Place two fingers on the screen apart and pull them together in a pinching fashion.
  20. AirPlay (AirServer)

    Slide 20 - AirPlay (AirServer)

    • To access and connect to your AirServer quickly:
    • Press Home Button
    • Swipe up between apps on the dock
    • Tap “AirPlay”
    • Find the room you are in.
  21. Shortcuts

    Slide 21 - Shortcuts

    • Want to access highly used functions such as wifi, music, brightness, camera and timer?
    • 1) Click home button
    • 2) Swipe up between apps on dock
    • 3) Tap what you need.
  22. Symbols

    Slide 22 - Symbols