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This is about augmented reality and how it is used


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This is about augmented reality and how it is used
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    • Connor O'Keefe
  2. What is it?

    Slide 2 - What is it?

    • Augmented reality is when you take a photo of something then when you put your phone back on the photo, the phone will trigger something off
    • Augmented reality was made in 1957 when a man named Morten Helig began to build a machine called the Sensorama.
    • People use augmented reality for business or some educational things
    • Lots of people use augmented reality for QR codes
    • Augmented reality brings things to life that aren’t real like a dinosaur
  3. Apps

    Slide 3 - Apps

  4. Quick Quiz

    Slide 4 - Quick Quiz

  5. Video of ar using business

    Slide 5 - Video of ar using business

    • When using augmented reality for business it could attract lots of people to the business you are in or own.
  6. School ar video

    Slide 6 - School ar video

    • In this video it is showing how to use
    • Augmented reality in a school situation
  7. notes

    Slide 7 - notes

    • About aurasma
    • Aurasma is an app that allows you to look at things in a different perspective, when you look at a magazine with Aurasma, what ever you were looking at comes to life.