Manual Handling of Bariatric Patients

Audit Process Description Presentation

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Manual Handling of Bariatric Patients

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Audit Process Description Presentation
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  1. Manual Handling of Bariatric Patients

    Slide 1 - Manual Handling of Bariatric Patients

    • Diana Griffiths
  2. What is Best Practice?

    Slide 2 - What is Best Practice?

    • Requires multifactorial interventions
    • Use of appropriate bariatric equipment to minimise staff injury and patient distress.
    • Bariatric Manual Handling Policy.
    • Education & Training, although alone do not reduce back injury.
    • Collaborative communication between facilities.
  3. Audit Plan

    Slide 3 - Audit Plan

    • Current clinical practice would be observed & data collected.
    • Surveys, questionnaires, direct observation, & liaison.
    • Use of data collection tools
    • Sample would include nursing staff & bariatric patients.
    • Audit team and support from Patient Safety Unit.
    • Ethical considerations
  4. Findings & Compliance

    Slide 4 - Findings & Compliance

    • Data analysed through Patient Safety Unit.
    • Establish findings and compliance with best practice
    • Change implementation
    • Sustaining of change
    • Sharing of information
    • Better patient outcomes