chloropromaznie presentaon mix

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chloropromaznie presentaon mix

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  1. Chlorpromazine and haloperidol

    Slide 1 - Chlorpromazine and haloperidol

    • By Altaf Al Bahadli
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  2. Schizophrenia

    Slide 2 - Schizophrenia

    • Causes of schizophrenia
    • Daniel’s story
    • Chlorpromazine /haloperidol and what are they used for
    • Proton channel
    • Dopamine
    • Overview
  3. Schizophrenia

    Slide 3 - Schizophrenia

    • What is schizophrenia?
    • Schizophrenia is mental illness
    • Schizophrenia makes the person find it
    • difficult to communicate with the society
    • Schizophrenia occurs in about 1% of the total population
    • Unknown cause
  4. Causes of schizophrenia

    Slide 4 - Causes of schizophrenia

    • Even though it remains unknown it can rely on some factors such as :
    • Genetics
    • Chemical process in the brain
    • Abnormality of brain structure
    • (
    • (
  5. Daniel’s story

    Slide 5 - Daniel’s story

    • Daniel’s story
    • Daniel is 21 years old. Six months ago, he was doing well in college and holding down a part-time job in the stockroom of a local electronics store. But then he began to change, becoming increasingly paranoid and acting out in bizarre ways. First, he became convinced that his professors were “out to get him” since they didn’t appreciate his confusing, off-topic classroom rants. Then he told his roommate that the other students were “in on the conspiracy.” Soon after, he dropped out of school.
    • From there, things just got worse. Daniel stopped bathing, shaving, and washing his clothes. At work, he became convinced that his boss was watching him through surveillance bugs planted in the store’s television sets. Then he started hearing voices telling him to find the bugs and deactivate them. Things came to a head when he acted on the voices, smashing several TVs and screaming that he wasn’t going to put up with the “illegal spying” any more. His frightened boss called the police, and Daniel was hospitalized(Mental Healthy, 2015)
  6. chlorpromazine

    Slide 6 - chlorpromazine

    • Treatment of schizophrenia is chlorpromazine
    • Works by dopamine receptor
    • Dopamine is natural compound involved in transmitting messages between brain cells
    • Increasing level of dopamine
    • negative symptoms had been mainly because lack of dopamine
    • (
  7. Proton current

    Slide 7 - Proton current

    • bases which can increase the intracellular pH
    • Chlorpromazine and haloperidol are strong blockers of dopamine receptor
    • Voltage-gated proton channels
    • NADPH oxidase transport electrons across the plasma membrane
    • voltage dependence of proton channel is affected by PH
  8. Voltage gated proton program usually conveyed inside immune system such as microglia

    Slide 8 - Voltage gated proton program usually conveyed inside immune system such as microglia

    • NADPH oxidase transfer electrons to the plasma membrane to decrease molecular oxygen
    • Proton channels are suitable for chlorpromazine and haloperidol, which is considered for vital for keeping NADPH oxidase active.
  9. Effect of different concentration

    Slide 9 - Effect of different concentration

    • “ the effect of different concentrations of each antipsychotic on proton current inhibition are shown in this graph. The shown amplitude were measured while treating the cells for 30 min with each antipsychotic at the indicated concentration(shin and song,2014)
  10. Conclusion

    Slide 10 - Conclusion

    • schizophrenia is one of the most dangerous disease among mental illness. It is one of the disease that researches did not find a particular cause and treatment.
    • It is controlled by chlorpromazine and haloperidol
    • Chlorpromazine and haloperidol, both typical antipsychotic drugs, potently inhibited the voltage-gated proton currents in BV2 microglial cells.
    • As proton channel of voltage is affected by PH, then outward PH gradient of the plasma membrane decreases
    • Chlorpromazine is more Potent inhibitor than haloperidol it works by suppressing dopamine receptor in the brain
    • Chlorpromazine and haloperidol are weak bases that can increase the intracellular pH, whereby they reduce the proton gradient and affect channel gating.
    • Dopamine works as a neurotransmitter in the brain which controls movement and Psychosis can be caused during metabolism problem .
  11. Thank

    Slide 11 - Thank

    • You
    • for
    • listening
    • To
    • my
    • presentation
  12. Referencing/bibliography

    Slide 12 - Referencing/bibliography

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