Office Mix Tutorial

An Office Mix about Office Mix. Inception!

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Office Mix Tutorial

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An Office Mix about Office Mix. Inception!
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  1. Office Mix

    Slide 1 - Office Mix

    • Create flipped lessons, or embed audio/video in interactive PowerPoints.
  2. Getting Started

    Slide 2 - Getting Started

    • How to install Office Mix
  3. Office Mix Tab

    Slide 4 - Office Mix Tab

    • A quick look at some of the tools in Office Mix
  4. Narration & Questions

    Slide 6 - Narration & Questions

    • How to add narration, annotation and questions to your Mix.
  5. Publishing

    Slide 8 - Publishing

    • How to share your Mix with the world
  6. Analytics

    Slide 10 - Analytics

    • Using the Mix site to see information about your audience.