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  1. Reproduction and Meiosis

    Slide 1 - Reproduction and Meiosis

  2. Review of Types of Reproduction

    Slide 2 - Review of Types of Reproduction

    • Asexual
    • One parent produces offspring (kids)
    • Offspring receive 100% of DNA from one parent
    • Sexual
    • Two parents produce offspring (kids)
    • Offspring receive 50% of DNA from each parent
    • Types of Sexual Reproduction
    • Internal Fertilization (ex: HUMANS)
    • External Fertilization (ex: FISH)
  3. What is DNA?

    Slide 3 - What is DNA?

    • “Blueprint of Life”
    • Carries the instructions for making a living thing
    • Stores and transmits all genetic and hereditary information
    • ALL living things contain DNA!
    • Your DNA is not your own…it came from your parents
  4. DNA and Chromosomes

    Slide 4 - DNA and Chromosomes

    • DNA is located in the nucleus.
    • Most of the time, it forms long, loose strands.
    • *Sometimes, DNA coils itself up to form compact structures called CHROMOSOMES
    • Only visible during cell division!
  5. DNA: Two Physical Forms

    Slide 5 - DNA: Two Physical Forms

    • DNA, most of the time
    • DNA, during cell division

    Slide 6 - How to (BIOLOGICALLY) MAKE A BABY!

  7. BEFORE: Gamete Formation

    Slide 7 - BEFORE: Gamete Formation

    • Adults produce sex cells called GAMETES
    • Males = SPERM
    • Females = OVA (eggs)
    • These cells contain HALF the amount of DNA as a typical body cell
  8. The process of producing sex cells is called MEIOSIS

    Slide 8 - The process of producing sex cells is called MEIOSIS

    • Meiosis ONLY takes place in the SEX ORGANS
    • Males = testes
    • Females = ovaries
  9. Human Life Cycle

    Slide 9 - Human Life Cycle