Perspective on Critical Issues Section_Thriving_Terrie_Black

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Perspective on Critical Issues

Perspective on Critical Issues Section_Thriving_Terrie_Black

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My Thrive Centers
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  1. My Thrive Centers

    Slide 1 - My Thrive Centers

    • Terrie Black
    • Perspective on Critical Issues Section 003
    • Spring Semester 2015
  2. Workplace

    Slide 2 - Workplace

    • One of the key elements I have learned while in this class is that my workplace can either propel me or hinder me in my everyday life. If I do not feel secure in my job or I feel as though I am not appreciated at my job; these feelings are going to intrude on my personal life. Therefore, I have made a decision to change careers and move on to a company that is going to allow me to utilize my creative juices (so to speak). I am going to work for Apple one of the most sought after companies in the world to work for and I cannot wait.
  3. Changing my community

    Slide 3 - Changing my community

    • Moving from Atlanta, GA
    • To Independence, OR
  4. Meditation

    Slide 4 - Meditation

    • I intend to continue to use practice meditation. Being a part of this class has provoked me to focus more on mental, spiritual and emotional health than every before.
  5. My Project Board

    Slide 5 - My Project Board

    • Stop giving up
    • Change my community
    • Change my workplace
    • Start living again