Egg Drop Challenge


Egg Drop Challenge

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  1. Egg Drop Challenge

    Slide 1 - Egg Drop Challenge

    • Mrs. Denna Vance
  2. Challenge:

    Slide 2 - Challenge:

    • The local chicken farm, Cheep Chirps Farm, needs your help! Farmhands are accidentally dropping the eggs while getting the eggs ready to ship to the packaging plant. This is really hurting their company and they are losing money! Your challenge is to design a container that will protect an egg from breaking due to the force of gravity if it is dropped by a farmhand.
  3. Directions:

    Slide 3 - Directions:

    • Pick one partner that you can work well with.
    • Read over your challenge sheet together (all pages).
    • Look at the rubric so you know what to do.
  4. Materials:

    Slide 4 - Materials:

    • One milk carton per group.
    • Four other items from the materials bins. (If you pick tape you may only get three feet. Please ask me for tape.)
    • Your design can have only five items!
    • You may also use: (These items are NOT a part of your five items.)
    • Scissors
    • Markers
    • Crayons
  5. Begin the engineering process.

    Slide 5 - Begin the engineering process.

    • Work through your engineering steps on you paper. Do not start designing your egg container until you have completed steps 1, 2, and 3. You must come show me that you have finished steps 1-3.