Conjugation of –ir and –er verbs spanish


Conjugation of –ir and –er verbs spanish

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  1. Conjugation  of –ir and –er verbs

    Slide 1 - Conjugation of –ir and –er verbs

    • By Allissa Layes
  2. First –Er verb

    Slide 2 - First –Er verb

    • Comer: To eat
    • Yo como: I eat
    • Tú comes: You eat
    • Él/Ella/ Ud. come: He/she/you(formal) eat
    • Ellos/Ellas/Uds. comen: They(male)/ They(female)/ They all eat
    • Nosotros/as comemos: We eat
    • Ella come fruta.: She eats fruit
  3. Second –er verb

    Slide 3 - Second –er verb

    • Beber: To drink
    • Yo bebo: I drink
    • Tú bebes: You( familiar) drink
    • Él/Ella/Usted bebe: He/she/ you (formal) drink
    • Nosotros/as bebemos: We drink
    • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes beben: They(male)/ They(female)/ You all drink
    • Yo bebo agua: I drink water.
  4. Third –er verb

    Slide 4 - Third –er verb

    • Toser: to cough
    • Yo toso: I cough
    • Tú toses: you cough
    • Él/Ella/ Usted tose: he/she/ you cough
    • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes tose: we/ you all cough
    • Nosotros/as tosemos: They cough
    • Ella toses todo el dia: She coughs all day
  5. First –ir verb

    Slide 5 - First –ir verb

    • Vivir: To live
    • Yo vivo: I live
    • Tu vives: You live
    • El/ella/usted vive: He, she, you live
    • Nosotros/as vivimos: We live
    • Ellos/ellas/ustedes viven: They/ You all live
    • Yo vivo en Arkansas./I live in Arkansas
  6. Second –ir verb

    Slide 6 - Second –ir verb

    • Unir: To unite
    • Yo uno/I unite
    • Tu unes: You unite
    • El/Ella/Usted une: He/She unites, You Unite
    • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes unen: They/ you all unite
    • Nosotros/as unimos: We unite
    • Nosotros unimos para hacer una idea/We unite to make an idea.
  7. Third –ir verb

    Slide 7 - Third –ir verb

    • Partir: To divide
    • Yo parto: I divide
    • Tu partes: You divide
    • El/Ella/Usted parte : He,She, You divide
    • Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes parten: They/ You all divide
    • Nosotros/as partimos : We divide
    • Nosotros partimos en niños y niñas/ We divide into boys and girls.