What is Augmented Reality

This Mix Template shows you a lot of information about what is Augmented Reality.


What is Augmented Reality

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This Mix Template shows you a lot of information about what is Augmented Reality.
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  1. What is Augmented Reality

    Slide 1 - What is Augmented Reality

    • By Kareem Baba
  2. What is Augmented Reality?

    Slide 2 - What is Augmented Reality?

    • Script 4 voiceover, 90sec recording
    • Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view
    • Augmented reality, traced back to 1990, invented by Professor Tom Caudell as part of a neural systems project at Boeing
    • Augmented reality remained firmly in the research and scientific worlds until the end of the 1990’s when Hirokazu Kato released an AR toolkit 
    • Augmented Reality if found in the no#1 games in the world, it is fairly new in social media and is still being developed
    • Augmented reality is most commonly hidden behind marker images, can be included in printed and film media as long as it is displayed for a suitable length of time
  3. 2 Augmented Reality Images

    Slide 3 - 2 Augmented Reality Images

  4. AR Apps list

    Slide 4 - AR Apps list

    • SpyGlass – Turns your iPhone into a spy glass
    • Theodolite - App that is your compass, GPS, map, and two-axis inclinometer
    • DanKam – Helps people who suffer with color blindness
    • NewYorkNearestPlaces – lets you explore New York like never before
    • Google Sky Map –
    • Aurasma – Brings things to life
    • FirePower – it lets you shoot at cars on your phone
    • AR Soccer – Gives you a virtual ball to play with at all times
  5. Augmented Reality Apps

    Slide 5 - Augmented Reality Apps

  6. All about Aurasma

    Slide 6 - All about Aurasma

    • Aurasma is the world’s leading augmented reality platform. Available as a free app for iPhones, iPads and high powered Android devices or as a kernel for developers. Aurasma uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations called “Auras”. It allows people to create their own augmented realities..
  7. Augmented Reality used in Business

    Slide 7 - Augmented Reality used in Business

    • Click the link on the right to watch the AR in Business video:
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1zMiyJ34vc
  8. Augmented Reality used in Education

    Slide 8 - Augmented Reality used in Education

    • Show posters or images of a student using AR in the learning process. Use the Mix ‘Insert Audio’ function to create a voiceover that explains the activity
  9. AR Spot

    Slide 9 - AR Spot

    • The Original Image (fix_the_bug)
    • The Edited Image (fix_the_bug)
  10. AR Quiz 1: Multiple Choice

    Slide 10 - AR Quiz 1: Multiple Choice

    • Question:
    • AR Soccer is an app for ..?
    • Games
    • Entertainment
    • Augmented Reality
    • Simulation
  11. True!

    Slide 11 - True!

  12. False!

    Slide 12 - False!

  13. AR Quiz 2: True or False Quiz

    Slide 13 - AR Quiz 2: True or False Quiz

    • Question:
    • Can Aurasma be used with computers any time?
    • True
    • False
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