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America Forever

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  1. America Here I Come!

    Slide 1 - America Here I Come!

    • By: MiReya Rodriguez- Carroll
  2. The Romanian Life

    Slide 2 - The Romanian Life

    • Hello, my name is Cosmina and I am going to tell you about my life and how I immigrated to America. I am 36 years old and I live in Romania. I have two children and a husband. My children are: Adreena who is 13 years old and my son is Ramon who is 10 years old. My husband is Bosmian and he works the hardest for my children and I. He works on the farm so we have good food, and he still has time to see his children. I am a stay at home mom and I try to do everything for my kids. I wake them up, I make them breakfast, and I take them to school every day. I can't have a job because my family and I don't have that much money. There are these laws in Romania that really frustrate me. The Soviet (government) made this law with pollution. So now my family and I have to work minimum hours because of the pollution. So then I decided to immigrate to America.
    • Little Bit of food, but no money Little Bit of money, but no food
  3. Little Bit of food, but no money

    Slide 3 - Little Bit of food, but no money

    • Since I decided my family and I are going to immigrate to America, I had to tell my family the news. When I told my family the news they didn't have the reaction I wanted them to have. For once my husband was happy because he is never happy, but my two children were bursting out in tears because they didn't want to leave their family and friends. The next day we packed up our stuff and headed out the door. It was actually a pretty tuff ride going to America. When we first got to the ship we had to pay the people 500 dollars. My husband didn't help me pay the fee, so we couldn’t get on the first class ship. When we got on the ship we saw a lot of people. We had to stand for a lot of ours and we had to stay in the back. We had a little bit of food, but we didn't have any money for the ride. It started to rain and we had a blanket and a coat so we were nice and dry during our voyage.
    • Arrive at Ellis Island
  4. Little Bit of money, but no food

    Slide 4 - Little Bit of money, but no food

    • Now that my family and I are going to America, we had to go through a few things. The first thing we had to do was pay a 500 dollar fee. Since my family and I didn't have the fee we couldn't get on the first class ship. While my family and I were on the ship we were super hungry. My family and I forgot to pack some food, but we had money so we can probably by some food in America. It did start to rain, but my family didn’t have a blanket or a coat so we were dripping wet.
    • Arrive at Ellis Island
  5. Arrive at Ellis Island

    Slide 5 - Arrive at Ellis Island

    • When were done going on the ship we had to go to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is in the New York harbor, so my family and I were so excited because we have not been anywhere out of Romania. When we got there we saw this big building, and that was where we had to take the interview and the medical test. First thing was the interview. The interview was basically seeing how your life was like and if your good enough to receive the medical test. Luckily, my family and I passed the interview and we were on our way for the medical test. It took about 2 hours for us to get to the front of the line because there were a lot of people there who also wanted to immigrate to America. When we were at the front of the line we all passed. My husband used to be allergic to some things, but he is not allergic to those things anymore.
    • I got Detained I Passed
  6. I was Detained

    Slide 6 - I was Detained

    • Since we were detained we couldn’t go to America. My family and I were so sad because we couldn’t have the life we wanted to have. Romania was so boring and we definitely didn’t want to go back there. My kids were in tears because they didn’t want to go back to Romania and my husband didn’t even talk after we go detained. Now we are back to boring old Romania.
  7. I Passed

    Slide 7 - I Passed

    • We finally were in the place we always wanted to go to, America. When we first got to America, it was not what we expected it to be like. There were these people who spoke a language called English? All of my family didn't understand the language either, but we just went along with it. When we were first entered our home, it wasn't very pretty. We had to live in this very small building named a tenement. There was no beds and there was not even separate rooms, how terrible is that! Anyway, forgetting about the nasty tenement, we started to enjoy our American lives. We first went to go get something to eat. We got this food that was called a hotdog and we also had hamburgers and they were sooo good!!
    • My kids first go to school My first job in America
  8. My kids first go to school

    Slide 8 - My kids first go to school

    • Ah…. The next day in America was when my kids first go to school. My family and I don’t really know the name of the school because it was in English, but it looked liked a wonderful school to go to. My daughter Adreena was going to be in the 7th grade and my son Ramon was going to be in the 4th grade. My kids were happy and nervous because they thought the other kids would not like them, but they knew they would see my husband and I after school. When they got into school I gave them a big hug and told them good luck on the first day of school. My daughter Adreena said she made a best friend named Lila and she loved her new school. My son Ramon was having a little bit of trouble in school. He said he was getting bullied, but he made a friend who had a similar story, just like him. When they got home they went straight to their rooms and started their homework. I still don’t know how this new life will end up.
    • My family and I get a dog My son is ill
  9. My first job in America

    Slide 9 - My first job in America

    • My first job in America was to be a person who gives food to the needy. My kids were saying that I would not have the time of my life, but actually…. I did! I first met this person who had one broken leg and one broken arm, but when I first saw her, she smiled at me and she said I was one of the best women she has ever seen. I had the time of my life at my new job. I got to deal with people who have been through what I have been through and I now get to help them!
    • My family and I got a dog My son is ill
  10. My family and I get a dog

    Slide 10 - My family and I get a dog

    • Early the next day my family woke me up trying to tell me something. They were asking me if we can get a dog. My family has ben asking for a dog forever and I kept telling them no. I told them, “ If we go to America then we can have a dog.” Now that were here, I couldn’t say no to them.” In the afternoon we went to the shelter to get a dog. My kids were so happy to see all the puppies and dogs in the shelter. When we were walking by the dogs, we saw this cute little teacup Pomeranian and it looked really sad. We asked the owner how much the dog costs. The owner said it doesn’t have a price because no one wants the dog. We said we would take it and we were able to have a dog. We named the dog Coco and we took her home and she was now part of our family.
    • Conclusion
  11. My son is ill

    Slide 11 - My son is ill

    • When I woke up, we woke my daughter up, but my son said he didn’t want to wake up for school. We didn’t know if he was completely ill or if he had a little cold. We just left him alone and went on with our day. When my daughter came back from school, my son was still in bed. Now something wasn’t right, so we took him to the doctor. The doctor said that my son was very ill and you have to take him to the hospital. So, we took the doctors orders and we took Ramon to the hospital. We put him in his bed and in his hospital robe and we let him get some shut eye. The next morning he said he was feeling a lot better so we took him back home. He said that the dinner that we had must have had gave him some sickness. Now that my son was back at home, we were able to be a real family.
    • Conclusion
  12. Conclusion

    Slide 12 - Conclusion

    • Our life in America has been the best. Yes, we may of had a little bit of hardships, but we got through it in the best place ever, America! I just hope my family and I can keep this beautiful lifestyle for a long time. Well…. I am going to enjoy my perfect life with my kids, my husband and our cute little puppy. Goodbye!