pancreas as part of the digestive system



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pancreas as part of the digestive system
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  1. Pancreas

    Slide 1 - Pancreas

    • Jenna and Paige
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    • Location: posterior to greater curvature of stomach
    • Pancreatic juice: clear, colorless liquid; mostly water with some salts and enzymes
    • Pancreatic duct: joins the common bile duct from the liver and gallbladder and enters the duodenum
    • Accessory: leads from the pancreas and empties into the duodenum superior of ampulla
    • Hepatopancreatic ampulla: common bile duct and pancreatic duct meet, opens on elevation of duodenal mucosa. The sphincter of the ampulla regulates passage of pancreatic juice and bile through ampulla to duodenum of small intestine
  3. Histology

    Slide 4 - Histology

    • Acini: small clusters of glandular epithelial cells that constitute the exocrine portion of pancreas; secrete pancreatic juices (99%)
    • Pancreatic islets: small clusters of epithelial cells that form in endocrine portion of the pancreas (1%); cells secrete the hormones – glucagon, insulin, somatostatin and pancreatic polypeptides
  4. Enzymes

    Slide 5 - Enzymes

    • Pancreatic amylase: starch digesting enzyme in pancreatic juices
    • Pancreatic Proteases: protein digesting enzymes
    • Pancreatic lipase: principle triglyceride – digesting enzyme in adults
    • Pancreatic nucleases: nucleic-acid digesting enzymes
    • Ribonuclease (RNA)
    • Deoxyribonuclease (DNA)
  5. Diseases

    Slide 6 - Diseases

    • Pancreatitis: inflammation of pancreas associated with alcohol abuse or chronic gallstones
    • Pancreatic cancer: most oftenly ends in death, number 4 on top causes of death in US
  6. Video Clip

    Slide 7 - Video Clip