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PowerPoint Office Mix

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  1. PowerPoint Office Mix

    Slide 1 - PowerPoint Office Mix

    • By Gloria dyrda
  2. IT’S FREE!

    Slide 2 - IT’S FREE!

    • Go to https://mix.office.com/
    • Download it for free
    • NOTE: please make sure PowerPoint is closed
    • It will take under 10 minutes to complete
  3. Is your PowerPoint completed?

    Slide 3 - Is your PowerPoint completed?

    • Once you have completed your PowerPoint
    • Click on the MIX ribbon
  4. Click on Slide Recording

    Slide 4 - Click on Slide Recording

    • This will open a new window 
  5. If you have a CamRecorder

    Slide 5 - If you have a CamRecorder

    • You can record yourself
    • Or capture your image for the first slide
    • A nice way to introduce yourself
    • NOTE – always test your microphone before you start
    • START – Sound Recorder
    • Start Recording
    • Save and listen
  6. Add your image

    Slide 6 - Add your image

    • If you would like your picture in the Presentation
    • You may want to create an introduction slide at the beginning of your presentation
    • Welcome to PowerPoint MIX
    • Hi, my name is Gloria Dyrda
    • I am an instructor at St. Clair College
    • And I love to share with you, my knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • Sit back relax – while I bring you on a journey of new Microsoft Office tool
    • But not to relax, there will be a quiz at the end
  7. Ready, set, let’s go!

    Slide 7 - Ready, set, let’s go!

    • Click the Record
    • And don’t worry, you can record the whole presentation in one go
    • Or re-record certain slides after
    • NOTE: you may want to add SLIDE NOTES in your presentation
    • This will be cue cards for you, when you are recording
  8. Mix Tools

    Slide 8 - Mix Tools

    • Navigation tools
    • To move from slide-to-slide – clicking on the BLUE arrows
  9. Add your own Notes or Drawings

    Slide 9 - Add your own Notes or Drawings

    • Use the pen
    • Change colour
    • Change line width
    • NOTE: you can easily ERASE the notes/drawings from slides, when editing or recording
    • They are graphic objects on a slide
    • So just click on the drawing
    • Press the DELETE key
  10. Quizzes

    Slide 10 - Quizzes

    • Allow you to use your Presentation as:
    • Test review
    • Capture students level of involvement
    • Use as a testing tool, track and capture answers
  11. Add Quizzes

    Slide 11 - Add Quizzes

  12. Finished?  Ready to Share

    Slide 13 - Finished? Ready to Share