Rule of Thirds and Framing


Rule of Thirds and Framing

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    • Rule of Thirds
  2. a powerful compositional technique

    Slide 2 - a powerful compositional technique

    • making photos more interesting and dynamic.
    • most well-known rules of composition
  3. What is the rule of thirds?

    Slide 3 - What is the rule of thirds?

    • Divide your image into nine equal segments using 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines.
    • Place your subject along one of the lines or at a point where they intersect.
    • This will help create a balanced image.
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    • Framing
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    • Framing is the technique of drawing attention to the subject
    • Frames for photographs come in all shapes and sizes
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    • The world is full of objects which make perfect natural frames, such as trees, archways and holes.
    • Framing is simply using other objects in your photograph to frame the main subject. This is probably one of the easier composition techniques in photography.
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