Pronouns 3.3

Object Pronouns


Pronouns 3.3

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Object Pronouns
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  1. Pronouns 3.2

    Slide 1 - Pronouns 3.2

    • The subject of a sentence
    • We went on vacation.
    • The subject complement of a sentence
    • Look for LINKING VERBS!
    • Does it RENAME the subject?
    • The people were my brother and I.
  2. Pronouns 3.2- Find the errors

    Slide 2 - Pronouns 3.2- Find the errors

    • My cousins and me like to shop.
    • The ones talking on the phone were Vivian and her.
    • My family and me went on a trip to NYC.
    • Us went to visit our aunt and uncle.
    • The one who suggested we watch the live TV show in the square was him.
    • The person waving at the camera was me, so I’ll be on TV.
    • On the way back, I and my brother got lost.
    • The person who helped us find our way back was her.
    • So him and me went off on our own.
    • Me and my older brother wanted to go to the top of the building.
  3. 3.3- OBJECT PRONOUNSWarm-Up!! Is there anything wrong with these sentences?

    Slide 3 - 3.3- OBJECT PRONOUNSWarm-Up!! Is there anything wrong with these sentences?

    • In another version of Atalanta’s story, the marriage between Jason and she does not end happily.
    • The goddess gave Atalanta and he a severe punishment.
    • Jason and Atalanta were turned into lions by she.
    • Between you and I, I prefer the happy ending.
  4. Pronouns 3.3Which ones are OBJECT PRONOUNS?

    Slide 4 - Pronouns 3.3Which ones are OBJECT PRONOUNS?

    • PLURAL
    • ME
    • HER
    • HIM
    • You
    • You
    • US
    • THEM
    • IT
  5. Pronouns 3.3-Object Pronouns

    Slide 5 - Pronouns 3.3-Object Pronouns

    • Object Pronouns-
    • Direct Objects
    • My uncle took us to the museum.
    • Indirect Objects
    • He showed me Greek vases.
    • Object of Preposition
    • The guide explained the meaning of the images painted on them.
  6. Which one?

    Slide 6 - Which one?

    • Atalanta was a beautiful, athletic young woman, and many men fell in love with (she, her).
    • Her father wanted his daughter to choose a husband and marry, so an agreement was made between Atalanta and (him, he).
    • Any suitor could outrun Atalanta in a race would marry ( her, she), but if any suitor lost, he would be killed.
    • Many suitors challenged her, but she outran (they, them) all.
    • Finally, a young man named Hippomenes arrived, and Atalanta’s beauty and strength impressed (him, he).
    • He knew that he wasn’t a swift runner, so he waited until a plan of attack came to (he, him).
  7. Identify OP and Usage?

    Slide 7 - Identify OP and Usage?

    • My uncle showed my family and me pictures of his trip to Greece.
    • Most were pictures of tourist sites, but a few were pictures of him.
    • My mother collects dolls, so my uncle brought my sister and her dolls dressed in native Greek costumes.
    • His presents to my brother and me were books of Greek myths.
    • We enjoyed them very much.
    • We all thanked him for the gifts.