Google Sheets, Forms and Sites Mashup


Google Sheets, Forms and Sites Mashup

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  1. Google Sheets, Forms and Sites Mashup

    Slide 1 - Google Sheets, Forms and Sites Mashup

    • Harnessing the Google Ecosystem
  2. Project

    Slide 2 - Project

    • Create a feedback form for your Google Site
  3. Google Tools

    Slide 3 - Google Tools

    • forms-gathers feedback
    • sites-shows the form to the world
    • Sheets-gathers the data
    • Notifications-alerts you via e-mail
  4. Create a Form

    Slide 4 - Create a Form

    • (log in with your DPS G-mail account)
    • Go to New, More, Google Forms
    • Uncheck Require DeWitt Public Schools login…
    • Name your Form
    • Enter Name, E-mail address and Message “Questions”
    • Make sure E-mail address is required and is formatted.
    • Fill out the Confirmation Page message
    • When done, leave the tab running for now
  5. Setup a Site

    Slide 6 - Setup a Site

    • (log in with your DPS e-mail account)
    • Select your Site from the list or Create
    • New Sites can use the DPS Template found in the Gallery
    • Click the Edit button to modify your page
  6. Add the Contact Form to your Site

    Slide 8 - Add the Contact Form to your Site

    • Place your cursor where you want the form to display
    • Go to Insert, Drive, Form
    • Select your Contact Form from the list and click Select
    • Modify the settings to your liking and click Save
    • Save the page in your Site and the form will be ready to go
  7. Responses and Notifications

    Slide 10 - Responses and Notifications

    • Go Back to your Contact Form (Google Drive, Type Contact Form in search if you closed it)
    • Click on View Responses
    • Click on Tools, Notification Rules
    • Select the rules you wish to implement and click Save
    • You will now have a spreadsheet called Contact Form (Responses) in your Google Drive in addition to the Form called Contact Form
    • The Sheet will notify you when there has been a new contact, and will keep a log of your messages from the web page.
  8. Tips

    Slide 12 - Tips

    • Forms can be used to gather any data you choose (not just contacts)
    • You can share the spreadsheet, the site and the form with anyone you choose
    • Other Google items can be inserted in a Site such as Doc, Sheets and Presentations!