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  1. Multiple Select Test Items

    Slide 1 - Multiple Select Test Items

    • Grades 5th – 11th
  2. Computer-Based Item Types

    Slide 2 - Computer-Based Item Types

    • ELA Item Types:
    • Multiple Select
    • Open Response
    • Hot Text (One & Two Part)
    • Multi-Select
    • Editing Tasks
    • Grid Item
    • The different question types are designed to assess higher-order thinking skills and offer new ways for students to show what they know and can do.
  3. Students are required to select a single answer.

    Slide 3 - Students are required to select a single answer.

    • Multiple Select Test Item Type
  4. ELA Example

    Slide 4 - ELA Example

    • Option A: This answer is correct. The passage shows how today’s online learning allows students to learn in real time. Students can interact with teachers and students in ways that they could not in past.
    • Option D: This answer is correct. This sentence implies instant interaction, which supports the
    • answer in Part A.
  5. Slide 6

    • Let’s See How it really works
  6. Please complete OCPS online survey

    Slide 8 - Please complete OCPS online survey

  7. Mariel Milano

    Slide 9 - Mariel Milano

    • Director
    • Digital Curriculum &
    • Instructional Design Team
    • Katrina Summerville
    • District Administrator
    • Parent Academy