From the Principal’s Desk april 6


From the Principal’s Desk april 6

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  1. From the Principal’s Desk

    Slide 1 - From the Principal’s Desk

    • April 6, 2015
  2. Welcome the 4th quarter!

    Slide 2 - Welcome the 4th quarter!

    • First, Thank you to Mary, Gretchen, Melinda, and Amber
    • First SBAC
    • Great job!
    • Some voice to text issues, huge disparity between time needs
    • 6th grade will be next
  3. School Board Visit

    Slide 3 - School Board Visit

    • Wednesday, school board coming to CMS
    • Each building is hosting once
    • Chance for schools to highlight important work being done.
    • Gives us a chance to reflect on our work
    • PBIS
    • New Master Schedule
    • Standards Based Pilot
    • READ 180
    • STEM-PD
  4. School Board Visit

    Slide 4 - School Board Visit

    • Al will present on STEM PD
    • Talk about the technology
    • How staff has used it
    • Examples of growth
    • Patti will present on READ 180
    • Discuss how the program works and why we need it
    • Give an example of the technology
    • Let SB members use it
    • Focus on student growth
  5. Growth Mindset

    Slide 5 - Growth Mindset

    • Why has this building done a great job?
    • Growth Mindset
    • Just like SBG, nobody fails, they just have not learned it yet
    • It is about getting better, embracing challenges
  6. Growth means

    Slide 6 - Growth means

    • Embrace Challenges and change
    • Learn from mistakes and criticism
    • Others success is an inspiration
    • Join us Wednesday at 6 PM, if you are nearby!
    • Room 403/404
  7. Schedule

    Slide 7 - Schedule

    • Monday               Office work  8-10:30
    • Transportation/PBIS 11:30 -12:30
    • Tuesday:              Observations 8 – 10:30
    • Technology Meeting 4-5 PM
    • Wednesday:      Observations 8-10:30 AM
    • CMS Hosts School Board 6 PM
    • Rooms 403/404
    • Thursday:            READ 180 Coaching Day                              
    • Friday:                  SPED Meeting 9 AM
    • Off Campus @ 3 PM
    • Tentative, subject to change
  8. BusSupervision

    Slide 8 - BusSupervision

    • This Week: Meacham (AM) and Miller (PM)
    • Next Week: Berg (AM) and Hurst (PM)
    • Be sure to be out and about at 7:30 AM and right after school.
  9. Assessment Schedule

    Slide 9 - Assessment Schedule

    • This was proposed by a revision group, please provide some feedback if you have concerns or thoughts.
  10. Announcements/Nuts and Bolts

    Slide 10 - Announcements/Nuts and Bolts

    • All students must be out of the building by 2:30 unless they are in a supervised activity
    • Please do not leave classrooms open or unlocked when not in the room, including the computer lab.  We are seeing theft issues and an open or unlocked door is an invitation. 
    • It is important to teach bell-to-bell.  With four minutes passing and a small building, students have plenty of time to pack, move, and unpack.  We should never see door lines prior to the end of class.
    • If you have not picked up PBIS reward slips, please let me or Beth know.  The new slips have all Peace4Kids focus areas on them.
    • Make sure we follow 15/10 rule, LD slips will be going out to late students without passes.
    • No students should be out of class unless they have a pass in hand.
    • Check your attendance lists closely, with the beginning of the final quarter, any students not on your attendance roster must be sent to the office immediately.
    • Students can find new elective lists in the Commons
  11. Have a great week

    Slide 11 - Have a great week

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