9b 32 3D printer ppt


9b 32 3D printer ppt

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  1. 3D printer

    Slide 1 - 3D printer

    • 9B32 Rachel yip
  2. 3D model

    Slide 2 - 3D model

    • This is a Earphone Holder
  3. Reason I make this Earphone holder

    Slide 3 - Reason I make this Earphone holder

    • As we all know, Music and VA our school’s popular subjects. every year, the biggest event in our school is the Art festival, so that our school put a lot afford on Music part and The visual art part
    • That why for the 10 anniversary of our school I wanted to make something that is related to Music or Visual Art.
  4. Slide 4

    • Nowadays, people are so busy everyday they didn’t have any time for relaxing, so listening music is the only way they can relax during the time they are waiting bus or train and other time
    • People love to listen to music, so the best way to listen music while they are waiting, is to use earphone. If we want to listen to good music, first we need to have a good earphone, so a earphone holder is created
    • I make this earphone holder not because I want to make something related with music, also I want every people to keep their earphone safely so that everyone can enjoy music and be relax in their life. Just like how we all fell while we are at school
  5. Slide 5

    • Thank- you 