Andy Yen Think Your Email is Private Article of the Week Mix


Andy Yen Think Your Email is Private Article of the Week Mix

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  1. Andy Yen: Think Your Email’s Private? Think again

    Slide 1 - Andy Yen: Think Your Email’s Private? Think again

    • By: Franklin Wang
  2. Counter-Argument/Refutation

    Slide 3 - Counter-Argument/Refutation

  3. Repetition+ Rhetorical Question

    Slide 5 - Repetition+ Rhetorical Question

  4. Juxtaposition

    Slide 7 - Juxtaposition

    • VS
  5. Appeal to Ethos

    Slide 9 - Appeal to Ethos

    • “At that time we were working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research at the world’s largest particle divider, which divides protons by the way…”
  6. Simplification

    Slide 11 - Simplification

  7. Cartoon

    Slide 12 - Cartoon

  8. Works Cited(Thank You!)

    Slide 13 - Works Cited(Thank You!)

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