Welcome to Online Course Development 2015

I thought I would give an interactive syllabus a try for my online development course.

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Welcome to Online Course Development 2015

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I thought I would give an interactive syllabus a try for my online development course.
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  1. *Online Course Design University of Central Missouri Spring 2015

    Slide 1 - *Online Course Design University of Central Missouri Spring 2015

    • Instructor: Mrs. Andrea Cook
  2. Contact Information

    Slide 2 - Contact Information

    • *Instructor: Andrea Cook
    • E-mail: AMC23530@ucmo.edu
    • Telephone: 777-9311
    • Office: Virtual
    • Office Hours: 1-3 Mon-Fri
    • My preferred mode of contact is email
  3. Class Information

    Slide 3 - Class Information

    • This course is entirely online and can be accessed at www.ucmo.blackboard.com
    • *DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE This course was created to give the student the framework on how to build an online class from beginning to end.


    • Upon the completion of this course the student will be able to:
    • 1.Create a syllabus for an online course.
    • 2.Build modules in an online course.
    • 3.Create learning activities for an online course
    • 4.When and how to give feedback to online students.
    • 5.Learn to market their class to schools and or training facilities.


    • Each student will create an online class via Blackboard. All coursework for this class will be done in Blackboard. If you are not familiar with Blackboard, I suggest you take some time before the class starts to become familiar with the system or for additional assistance with Blackboard, visit http://www.ucmo.edu/ced/syllabus/tech.cfm There will be weekly assignments due by 11:59 PM each Sunday night. Initial post for discussion post will be due on Thursday by 11:59 to promote a healthy asynchronous conversation. One form of synchronous communication will be done in small groups.
  6. Technology

    Slide 6 - Technology

    • Students will need a web browser with Internet access, Adobe Reader, Flash, and occasionally other plug-ins when visiting web sites. I suggest using Google applications for documents and spreadsheets because they automatically save and you can access them from any computer or smart phone.
  7. Evaluation of this Course

    Slide 7 - Evaluation of this Course

    • 100-90% = A 89-80% = B 79-70% =C 69-60%=D 59% and below=F
    • Students will have one week to turn in any late work with a deduction of one letter grade. I do understand that life happens so please contact me if you find yourself behind.
    • *ADA
    • Students with documented disabilities who are seeking academic accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services
    • Elliott Union 222Warrensburg, MO 64093 Phone: 660.543.4421
    • There is no textbook for this course.
  8. Assignment Descriptions

    Slide 8 - Assignment Descriptions

    • Introductions- Let’s break the ice and get to know each other. Name, where are you from, and why you are taking this course.
    • Outline of Course-Decide on the course you would like to build. I have known students to get positions from their final project in this course. Take this very seriously.
    • Syllabus Research-Students will research different types of syllabus to see which fits them their person best.
    • Create Syllabus -Students will create their own syllabus for their online class creation.
    • Online Course Content-Students will learn how to identify and create their own course content.
    • Module Building- Students will build three learning modules from the course content.
    • Peer Feedback- At least one peer will become a student of your course and provide feedback.
    • Reflection Paper- Two Page reflection paper on the semester.
  9. Course Calendar Summary

    Slide 9 - Course Calendar Summary

    • Week
    • Topics
    • Overview of Major Readings & Assignments Due
    • 1
    • Introductions
    • Students will introduce themselves on DB and respond to at 3 peers Due 2/8/15
    • 2
    • Outline of Course
    • Students will create a one page summary outlining the course they would like to develop. Due 2/15/15
    • 3
    • Syllabus Research
    • Students will research different syllabus online. Students will discuss the type of class they would like to create and give feedback to at least 3 peers via DB. Due 2/22/15
    • 4
    • Create Syllabus
    • Students will create a syllabus for their course. Due 3/1/15
    • 5
    • Online Course Content
    • Students will learn how to create online course content Due 3/8/15
    • 6
    • Online Course Content Creation
    • Students will build their first module Due 3/15/15
    • 7
    • Online Couse Content Creation
    • Students will build their second and third module 3/22/15
    • 8
    • Peer Feedback
    • Student will be a student in one of their peer’s course and provide feedback on their course design. Due 3/29/15
    • 9
    • Reflection
    • Final reflection Paper Due 4/5/15