Office Mix YouthTalk

Welcome to submit your presentation to Office Mix, we will present it to the world


Office Mix YouthTalk

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Welcome to submit your presentation to Office Mix, we will present it to the world
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  1. Youth Talk

    Slide 1 - Youth Talk

    • Hosted by Office mix (
  2. What is this program about?

    Slide 2 - What is this program about?

    • To encourage K-12 students to focus on presentation skills and help to improve them.
    • Have fun with technology and learn to use PowerPoint’s rich features.
    • Kindle their interest in technology.
    • Increase Office Mix awareness among students and Microsoft employees.
  3. Who can ENTER?

    Slide 3 - Who can ENTER?

    • Grade Kindergarten and above at the time of entry;
    • Minors should obtain permission from their parent/legal guardian before entering, and the parent/legal guardian must agree to be bound, on your behalf, to these rules.

    Slide 4 - HOW DO I ENTER?

    • Install PowerPoint 2013 SP1
    • Download Office Mix for your PowerPoint 2013
    • Open PowerPoint, record your presentation and upload to the Office Mix from Mix Tab following the instruction.
    • Change the Permission to be unlisted/public at your mix detail page.
    • Submit your Mix Link to Youth Talk Submission Form
    • (Optional) Share your presentation to your friends and family and promote your presentation
  5. Some ideas

    Slide 5 - Some ideas

    • Share your favorite book, movie, etc. and your interesting math problems, science experience.
    • Share your ideas about cars/energy/computers etc. in the future
    • Share your own unforgettable moment.
    • Share your best homework presentation or your piano/violin/flute… play and your introduction of the music
    • Share your Quizzes.
    • Please visit Office Mix Gallery to get more inspirations!
    • Some mixes created by young kids