Evaluating Photography


Evaluating Photography

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  1. Evaluating photography

    Slide 1 - Evaluating photography

    • The finer details
  2. Technical and creative

    Slide 2 - Technical and creative

    • Photographic evaluation can be divided into two broad areas
    • &
  3. Technical

    Slide 3 - Technical

    • The following evaluation categories can usually be considered part of the technical aspects of photographic evaluation.
    • Composition
    • Camera settings
    • Lighting
    • Editing
    • Do be aware though, that some of these element also have a creative aspect to them.
  4. Creative

    Slide 4 - Creative

    • The following evaluation categories can usually be considered part of the creative aspects of photographic evaluation.
    • The subject matter
    • Emotional impact
    • The visual statement
    • While there are many more elements to photographic evaluation, the ones we will learn about are a good place to start.
  5. Composition

    Slide 5 - Composition

    • Simply put, how are the elements of the photograph arranged?
    • What are you drawn to in the image and why?
    • Could the photographer have moved the elements or moved themselves?
    • What is the goal of the composition?
    • Has framing been used?
    • How and why is the photograph orientated?
    • Vocabulary
    • Landscape
    • Portrait
    • Shot type
    • Elements
    • Framing
  6. Camera settings

    Slide 6 - Camera settings

    • We are looking at how the camera has been manipulated to produce and enhance an image.
    • How has a fast or slow shutter speed changed the image?
    • What is the effect of the ISO?
    • Has a change in aperture modified the depth of field and enhanced the image?
    • Is the white balance effective?
    • Vocabulary
    • Aperture
    • Shutter speed
    • ISO
    • Depth of field
    • White balance
  7. Lighting

    Slide 7 - Lighting

    • Light can be the deciding factor of whether a photograph is great or terrible.
    • Has the use of light enhanced the photograph?
    • Is shadow and contrast a key element?
    • Is the photograph too dark or too bright?
    • What type of light is evident in the photograph?
    • Is there reflection?
    • Vocabulary
    • White balance
    • Hard light
    • Soft light
    • Diffused
    • Natural light
    • Artificial light
    • Light source
    • Flash
    • Reflected
    • Shadow
    • Contrast
  8. Editing

    Slide 9 - Editing

    • What changes have been made in post production? These changes are usually made in a software program like Photoshop.
    • Has the images brightness and contrast been changed?
    • Have the colors been modified in any way?
    • What other changes could have possibly been made?
    • Is there evidence of cropping?
    • Vocabulary
    • Saturation
    • Dodge
    • Burn
    • Color correction
    • Cropping
    • White balance
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Levels
  9. The subject matter

    Slide 10 - The subject matter

    • For this we look at both the actual subject matter and the individual elements that make up the photograph.
    • What is the style of photography?
    • What is the main element/s?
    • Describe the individual elements
    • Vocabulary
    • Subject matter
    • Element
    • Photographic style
  10. Emotional impact

    Slide 11 - Emotional impact

    • This is where we consider both the technical and creative elements together to determine the photographs emotional impact.
    • How does the photograph make you feel?
    • Why do you think it makes you feel this way?
    • Consider colour, contrast, shape and the position of elements.
    • Does the photograph challenge your values?
    • Vocabulary
    • Emotional impact
    • Contrast
    • Range of emotions
    • confronting
  11.  Visual statement

    Slide 12 - Visual statement

    • This simply comes down to the message that the photograph communicates. Be aware that emotional impact and visual statement are closely linked.
    • In other words, what jumps out at you in the photograph.
  12. Closing thoughts

    Slide 13 - Closing thoughts

    • These evaluation guidelines are just a start. There are many different opinions on the best way to evaluate a photograph and your main goal should be to begin your journey of photographic appreciation. Keep experimenting and expose yourself to as many types of photography as possible but above all else enjoy what you are doing!