The Outsiders-Lesson 2-Say Something reading strategy


The Outsiders-Lesson 2-Say Something reading strategy

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  1. Reading Comprehension

    Slide 1 - Reading Comprehension

    • Understanding what we read…
  2. Lesson Objectives

    Slide 2 - Lesson Objectives

    • Essential Question(s):Why are reading strategies important?
    • By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:
    • Apply the “Say Something” reading strategy as you read.
    • State Standards:
    • E08.A-K.1.1 Demonstrate understanding of key ideas and details in literature.
    • Student Terms: Understand main ideas and details when reading.
  3. Vocabulary

    Slide 3 - Vocabulary

    • Comprehension
    • Strategy
    • Making connections
    • Making predictions
    • Making comments
    • Asking questions
    • Let’s review our vocab terms, class!
  4. Quick Review

    Slide 4 - Quick Review

    • Comprehension-understanding what we read
    • Reading strategies-methods that help us to better understand what we read.
  5. Say Something Strategy

    Slide 5 - Say Something Strategy

    • Read a short passage
    • Say something about it
    • Decide
    • “I can do of these things based on what I just read.”
    • Continue reading
    • “I cannot do any of these things based on what I just read.”
    • Reread and retry
    • You can use this strategy in ALL of your classes!

    Slide 7

    • Make a comment
    • This is good because…
    • This is hard because…
    • This is confusing because…
    • Make a Prediction
    • I predict that…
    • I wonder if…
    • Since this happened, I bet this will happen next…
    • Clarify Something
    • Oh, I get it…
    • Now I understand…
    • At first I thought, but now I think…
    • Ask a Question
    • Why did…
    • What’s this part about…
    • What would happen if…
    • Who is…
    • What does this section mean…
    • Do you think that…
    • Make a Connection
    • This reminds me of…
    • This part is like…
    • The differences are…
    • I also did that…
    • I never did that…
    • Say Something Strategy
  7. Say Something Strategy

    Slide 8 - Say Something Strategy

  8. How does this apply to other classes?

    Slide 9 - How does this apply to other classes?

  9. Short passage: Health and PE

    Slide 10 - Short passage: Health and PE

    • Steps to Good Health
    • Can a fitness gadget called a pedometer help a person walk an additional mile (about 1.6 kilometers) each day? According to multiple research studies, it can, if the person sets a goal and keeps a diary of the number of steps taken each day.
    • Pedometers, also called step counters, clip to a belt or waistband and count the steps the wearer takes during the day. Dr. Dena Bravata wanted to recommend pedometers, which cost about $20, to her patients in order to help them keep fit. First, though, she wanted to know if the devices actually helped people walk more.
    • Let’s Practice!
  10. Short passage: Science

    Slide 11 - Short passage: Science

    • What Is Genetics?
    • Genetics is the scientific study about the ways characteristics of living things such as eye color or nose shapes or genetic conditions are passed from one generation to the next. The basic units of heredity are genes; diseases caused by abnormal gene forms are called genetic disorders.
    • At Fullerton Genetics Center, we focus on how we inherit certain
    • characteristics from our parents, and whether or not people are
    • more prone to certain diseases due to their genetic code. We provide
    • genetics services for adults, children and their families.
    • Let’s Practice!
  11. Short passage: Math

    Slide 12 - Short passage: Math

    • Open ended question:
    • Alice received a check and she decided to cash it at her local bank. For some reason, the bank teller was confused and switched the dollars and cents; that is, what was written as cents on the check he gave to her in dollars, and what was written in dollars on the check he gave to her in cents. It was not until after she bought a piece of candy for five cents that she noticed the teller's error. At that point, she actually had twice the amount of money that was written on the check. How much money was the check made out for? Explain your thinking and your answer(s). Also, explain why you believe there is only one possible answer, or why you believe there is more than one possible answer.
    • Let’s Practice!
  12. Summary

    Slide 13 - Summary

    • Sometimes reading is hard.
    • We use reading strategies to help us become better readers.
    • Today we learned about the “Say Something” reading strategy.
  13. Use the “Say Something” reading strategy when you read?

    Slide 14 - Use the “Say Something” reading strategy when you read?

    • Review ObjectivesCan you do it?
  14. Dig Deeper

    Slide 15 - Dig Deeper

    • Choose a class in addition to your English class to use the “Say Something” reading strategy.
    • Email that teacher and tell them how you used the strategy.
  15. What’s Next?

    Slide 16 - What’s Next?

    • Begin reading The Outsiders and learn how drama and conflict unfold…