I Am Legend - Themes Meanings and Ideas


I Am Legend - Themes Meanings and Ideas

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  1. Themes, meanings and ideas

    Slide 1 - Themes, meanings and ideas

  2. Aims

    Slide 2 - Aims

    • To identify the key themes and ideas that might emerge from readings of I Am Legend
    • To identify what a reading is.
  3. What is a reading?

    Slide 3 - What is a reading?

    • A reading is simply an interpretation
    • When we make meaning, we make connections to broader ideas and themes
    • What does the text have to say about these ideas and themes?
  4. Some key ideas

    Slide 4 - Some key ideas

    • Man’s capacity for self-destruction
    • Mankind as The Monster
    • Loneliness and alienation
    • The nature of legends
    • Fear of the other
  5. Man’s capacity for self-destruction

    Slide 5 - Man’s capacity for self-destruction

    • The vampires emerge following a holocaust
    • The vampires are written in the discourse of science
    • This challenges the dominance of science post-WWII
  6. Man As the Monster

    Slide 6 - Man As the Monster

    • The title of the novel points to its last sentence
    • The idea that man has become the monster he so feared
    • Neville has become the killer in the night – revealed by Ruth
  7. Loneliness and Alienation

    Slide 7 - Loneliness and Alienation

    • The alienation of the protagonist is a key feature of the genre
    • Can a man live alone?
    • The symbolism of the mural
    • People need purpose
  8. The Nature of legends

    Slide 8 - The Nature of legends

    • Legends achieve mythic proportions because fact and fiction become blurred
    • Matheson creates a symmetry with the real person passing into legend
  9. Fear of the other

    Slide 9 - Fear of the other

    • The “other” is the unknown person to be feared
    • The vampire is the ‘other’ (who is interestingly the neighbour)
    • Neville becomes the ‘other’
    • Fear of the unknown
  10. Themes, meanings and ideas

    Slide 10 - Themes, meanings and ideas