Control check payments-preview


Control check payments-preview

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    • In this test drive, you’ll see how Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you greater control of check payments.
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    • To navigate this test drive, click or tap the prompts on the screen, or use your forward and back arrows.
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    • In Microsoft Dynamics GP, It's easy to select the vendors and invoices you want to pay with each batch of checks. Simply start a new batch of checks, and then click Edit Check Batch.
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    • Next, select the first vendor you want to pay.
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    • You can select or deselect invoices to pay from each vendor. To see how it works, deselect the first invoice.
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    • Next, select another vendor to pay.
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    • Select the first invoice.
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    • Select the second invoice.
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    • To add a notation, click Edit Check.
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    • Enter your notation in the Comment field, and then click Check Stub.
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    • Enter your notation in the Comment field, and then click Check Stub.
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    • Here you can see the list of invoices that will be paid with this check. To continue, click OK.
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    • To save your comment, click Save.
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    • Next, select Print Checks.
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    • The batch is displayed. To print the batch, click Print Checks.
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    • Here is a preview of the check data for one of the vendors, preformatted for checks with the stub on top. Close this window to continue.
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    • To post this batch of checks, click Process.
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    • This guide is now complete. Click anywhere to continue.
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    • Thank you for taking this test drive.
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    • To experience more test drives or contact a Microsoft representative, visit our website.