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Marketing Mix

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  1. MA LLCMobile Administration

    Slide 1 - MA LLCMobile Administration

    • A service for your business at your fingertips
  2. Did you know??

    Slide 3 - Did you know??

    • 64% of American adults own a smartphone
    • 90% of American adults own a cell phone
    • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
    • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer
    • 30 million people are downloading an app to their phone daily
  3. Did you Know??

    Slide 4 - Did you Know??

    • The average business pays solely between $23,323 - $47,934 a year for an Administrative Assistant
  4. Would you want you businesses at your fingertips?

    Slide 5 - Would you want you businesses at your fingertips?

    • A APP service built to help business owners simplify their lives with their every day activities
  5. Calendar

    Slide 6 - Calendar

    • Synced with all employees
    • Administrator will have ability to view all employees calendar appointments at one time
    • Administrator ability to send meeting appointments to all or one of their employees
    • Ability to add customer name, address, and also attach an invoice for a quote
    • With today technology using the address provided the employee will be able to GPS the directions from where ever they might be
    • MA, LLC Services
  6. Slide 7

    • Pay Pal
    • Account set up to take payments on the go
    • Customer Availability to pay for services right then & there
    • Additional accessory to swipe a card on the employees phone
  7. Slide 8

    • Payroll ability for employees
    • Employee can link in and submit their timesheet directly to the administrator
  8. Slide 9

    • Online drive
    • Access to all pertinent business documents
    • Standardized created invoices
    • Quicken form of a running financial data
    • Running cash flow
    • Running balance sheet
    • Built in interrupter for multiple languages
  9. Start Up Cost

    Slide 10 - Start Up Cost

  10. Projected Earnings

    Slide 13 - Projected Earnings

  11. Profit for the First year

    Slide 14 - Profit for the First year

  12. Thank you Sharks for your time! We all know your time is Money, We hope it was well spent

    Slide 16 - Thank you Sharks for your time! We all know your time is Money, We hope it was well spent

    • Any Questions?
  13. Work Sited Page

    Slide 17 - Work Sited Page

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    • Principles of Marketing-BUS 310