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Romeo & Juliet

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  1. Teaching Romeo & Juliet

    Slide 1 - Teaching Romeo & Juliet

    • By Brant Sims
  2. Plot Part 1

    Slide 2 - Plot Part 1

    • Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story about how two lovers meet at first sight and fall in love instantly. Then was separated and killed them selves because they could not be together.
    • They get separated when Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin that killed Romeos friend Mercutio.
    • After that Juliet’s father arranged a marriage with a man named Paris.
    • She had to find a way for her to stayed married to Romeo and not marry Paris.
    • So she goes to Friar Laurence’s and he gives her a potion that will put her you sleep and seem dead for 42 hours.
  3. Plot Part 2

    Slide 3 - Plot Part 2

    • She asked no one to sleep with her and she has a lot to fear about the potion. Like she was going to die and for it to not work. But she got the courage to drink the potion.
    • Then the next morning her parents find her “dead”. So they sob and then they arrange a funeral in the family tomb. They Romeo gets the word that Juliet is died and goes to see her “body”.
    • When he is at the tomb he fought Paris to the death and won.
    • He sat down next to Juliet and was talking on how beautiful she was and then he killed himself.
    • Shortly after Juliet woke up she found that Romeo is dead and killed herself.
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    • The End