Persuasive techniques HMcC


Persuasive techniques HMcC

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  1. Persuasive techniques

    Slide 1 - Persuasive techniques

  2. Today

    Slide 2 - Today

    • Writers use many different techniques to make their writing more effective
    • You should be able to identify a minimum of four techniques
    • You should be able to explain why they are used
    • You should be able to create persuasive essay using at least three of these techniques in your writing.
  3. Rhetorical question

    Slide 3 - Rhetorical question

    • Why not visit this attraction with the whole family ?
    • To make the reader think / involve the reader
  4. Detailed facts and figures

    Slide 4 - Detailed facts and figures

    • According to a 2011 survey, 90% of visitors will recommend the attraction to a friend.
    • To help convince the reader.
  5. Expert opinion

    Slide 5 - Expert opinion

    • John Brown, Chief Executive of the Tourist Board, has said that this is the most impressive tourist destination in Northern Ireland
    • To give a sense of authority / help convince the reader.
  6. Image

    Slide 6 - Image

    • supports an argument in the text
    • makes text more attractive
  7. Writing a persuasive essay

    Slide 7 - Writing a persuasive essay

  8. What is a persuasive essay?

    Slide 8 - What is a persuasive essay?

    • In persuasive writing the writer is either FOR or AGAINST an issue
    • The writer attempts to persuade the reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action
    • The writer wants the reader to agree with him/her
    • The writer uses logic and reason to show that one idea is better than another idea
  9. How do I start?

    Slide 9 - How do I start?

    • Decide your position – are you for or against?
    • Research your topic – You need evidence to support your own position
    • Make notes
    • Decide what you want to include in your essay
  10. What persuasive techniques should I use?

    Slide 10 - What persuasive techniques should I use?

    • Expert opinion – legitimises your argument
    • Statistics – provides evidence that your opinion can be backed-up by facts and figures
    • Repeat words – to drive your message home
    • Rhetorical questions – to get the reader involved by thinking about the question
  11. What is emotive language?

    Slide 11 - What is emotive language?

    • Words or phrases that make the reader ‘feel’ something
    • It means the reader responds emotionally to the text because of the words or phrases used
  12. Some emotive words

    Slide 12 - Some emotive words

    • Death
    • Pain
    • Horrendous
    • Loss
    • Sorrow
    • Helpless
    • Murder
  13. Using an image

    Slide 13 - Using an image

    • Look at these images. How do they make you feel?
  14. What about this?

    Slide 14 - What about this?

  15. And this?

    Slide 15 - And this?

  16. QUIZ TIME!!!!

    Slide 16 - QUIZ TIME!!!!

  17. Slide 18

    • Emotive words and images are used to: