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Team 3 Galanz Mix Presentation
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  1. Slide 1

    • Expansion Plan
    • WEMBA 16-Team 3
  2. 五年计划-5 Year Plan

    Slide 2 - 五年计划-5 Year Plan

    • Economic Targets
    • Economic Restructuring
    • Innovation
    • Environment and Clean Energy
    • Agriculture
    • Livelihood
    • Social Management
    • Reform
  3.         我们的建议 (our Recommendations)

    Slide 3 - 我们的建议 (our Recommendations)

    • 1. Strategy – Short & Long Term Objectives Prioritization of modes (OEM,OBM,ODM) – Transitions.
    • 2. Government Relations
    • 3. Environmental compliance opportunity
    • 4. Domestic Market
    • 5. Global Market
    • 6. Capabilities
    • 7. Execution
  4. 建议1

    Slide 4 - 建议1

    • Strategy, Objectives, & Mode Transitions
    • Transition from OEM to OBM globally in the long term.
    • Continue to Supply OEM customers in the short term
    • Seek reciprocity with government and provide a supportive role to its plans
    • Protect Competitive advantages & Grow market share
    • Secure Source of financing for upcoming capital investments.
    • Develop new business opportunities.
    • Maintain the economic logic of the firm.
  5. Government Relations/Reciprocity

    Slide 5 - Government Relations/Reciprocity

    • What Galanz will get:
    • Source of low cost financing
    • Raise entry barriers for potential competitors – Licenses
    • Protect Existing Patents
    • Lower monopoly pressures
    • Guarantee flow of exports
    • Obtain exemptions to future regulations.
    • What Galanz will give:
    • Support Government Publicly
    • Implement New Mandates
    • Active hiring and volunteering
    • Invest in the community, Education, & other institutions.
    • Help Communicate Message for Social Stability
    • Identify common goals
    • 建议2
  6. 建议3

    Slide 6 - 建议3

    • Environmental Compliance Opportunity
    • Invest in new machinery that meets new environmental standards and assists with eliminating inefficiency (R&D)
    • Develop Products with specifications that would help government achieve its goals (R&D)
    • Research alternative energy sources and their feasibility in relation to our cost structure, and pricing policy
    • Create Image of Green and environmentally conscious firm (Marketing)
    • Revise distribution channels and logistics to minimize carbon footprint
  7. 建议4

    Slide 7 - 建议4

    • Domestic Market OBM
    • Forecast Demand
    • Increase Points of Sale – Keep up with Urban and population growth.
    • Business Development Training – Product Knowledge
    • Invest in Customer Relations. (Service, Support, Warranties, and After Sale actions) Locate these new services in rising population provinces such as Fujian
    • Develop new business opportunities. Easy to replicate appliances to make in china.
    • Adapt manufacturing needs to small and highly customized batches.
  8. 建议5

    Slide 8 - 建议5

    • Global Market Transition to OBM
    • Intentionally and methodically transition from OEM to OBM
    • Strengthen relationship with MNCs through exclusivity agreements. Seek optimal product placement “In-store Real-estate”, & Joint promotions
    • Keep aggressive pricing policy
    • Identify key markets and invest heavily in Marketing & Brand recognition.
    • Establish offshore offices to overcome cultural barriers
    • Hire foreign new business developers for each market.
  9. The Way Ahead-Execution

    Slide 9 - The Way Ahead-Execution

    • Galanz cannot immediately abandon its competitive advantages-in this case our 24/7/365 OEM model
    • Large investments will be required to configure the manufacturing process, and operating systems to minimize current inefficiencies, improve customization, and comply with environmental requirements
    • New levels in the organization will be created. Middle management (translators) will be key to Galanz success.
    • Needs to create synergies, economies of scale, and high level of customization for different markets
    • Each market will have a different “willingness to pay” and Galanz will have to adapt, creating business unit strategies. Where to compete, how to compete and different strategy Executions.
    • All these factor should be carefully analyzed to maintain a sound economic logic.