Society’s Effect on Water Pollution

Water Pollution and Society

Society’s Effect on Water Pollution

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  1. Water Pollution and Society

    Slide 1 - Water Pollution and Society

  2. Quick Facts

    Slide 2 - Quick Facts

    • 750 million people or 1/10th of the world’s population do not have access to safe water
    • Making cleaner water available around the world would save 2.5 million lives per year
    • With every dollar put towards water and sanitation 4 dollars is returned in increased productivity
  3. Pollution in Iowa

    Slide 3 - Pollution in Iowa

    • Non point source pollution- Can come from almost any outdoor area
    • Point Source pollution – Can be traced to a specific location or point
  4. Declining Water Quality in Iowa

    Slide 4 - Declining Water Quality in Iowa

    • No evidence of improving water quality since 1999
    • 68 percent of water sites stable or declining quality
    • Statistical trends indicate Iowa’s water quality will continue to be poor ten years from now
  5. National Resources Defense Council

    Slide 5 - National Resources Defense Council

    • Helps decrease amount of water wasted
    • Defends Clear Water Act
    • Promotes Green Infrastructure as a solution
    • Makes sure waterways have an adequate amount of water
    • Assists countries, cities, and states with water related challenges they face