How to Find Theme



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How to Find Theme
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  1. Theme

    Slide 1 - Theme

  2. What is Theme?

    Slide 3 - What is Theme?

    • Central idea or underlying message of the text
    • Rarely stated in the text
    • Must make an inference
    • Use the plot, character, and/or setting
  3. Do not confuse Theme with topic, main idea, or plot!

    Slide 5 - Do not confuse Theme with topic, main idea, or plot!

    • Theme is the message we take away from the written piece about people, life, and the world around us.
    • Topic is the main idea of the story.
    • Plot includes the events in the story.
  4. Universal Theme

    Slide 6 - Universal Theme

    • About life and/or human nature
    • Common to people throughout the world
    • Provides guidance through life
  5. How do I find the theme?

    Slide 7 - How do I find the theme?

    • Often the title gives us hint about theme.
    • Remember , theme addresses
    • the entire piece of writing
    • We can state theme in many ways
    • Each of us has prior experiences
    • We are each unique
  6. Identifying Theme

    Slide 8 - Identifying Theme

    • Theme is not the topic, but a lesson you can apply to your life
    • For example: family
    • You should always put your family before your friends
  7. Identifying Theme

    Slide 9 - Identifying Theme

    • You can determine the theme by examining how the character has changed
    • A dynamic character develops throughout the story
    • What did this character learn through his experiences
  8. Identifying Theme

    Slide 10 - Identifying Theme

    • Conflict can help determine the theme
    • Conflict Resolution Theme
    • Helping to feed the poor
    • is beneficial to all involved.
  9. Is a theme always valid?

    Slide 11 - Is a theme always valid?

    • Evaluate the writer’s ideas
    • Is the theme realistic? Then it is valid.
    • If you put your best foot forward,
    • you will usually succeed.
    • Is the theme idealistic? Then it is not valid
    • Good people never have any problems.