11.3 The Monroe Doctrine


11.3 The Monroe Doctrine

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  1. 11.3 The Monroe Doctrine

    Slide 1 - 11.3 The Monroe Doctrine

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    • European countries were trying to recapture their Latin American colonies that had gained independence.
    • Monroe issued a statement that said the U.S. would stay out of the business of European countries, but those countries needed to stay out of the Western Hemisphere.
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    • America began to step out onto the world stage with the Monroe Doctrine.
    • It represented a change in American’s foreign policy that had been in place since Washington was president. We were no longer strictly neutral.
  4. T-Chart Comparison of Farewell and Monroe Doctrine

    Slide 5 - T-Chart Comparison of Farewell and Monroe Doctrine

    • Farewell Address
    • Monroe Doctrine
    • Both written by presidents
    • Both about foreign policy
    • Both about neutrality
    • At the end of Washington’s presidency
    • The US will not interfere with other countries.
    • The US is unstable with an economic crisis.
    • During Monroe’s presidency
    • The US will protect countries in the Western Hemisphere.
    • The US is growing with a diverse economy.
    • Similarities
    • Differences